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As I was sitting at my 4th endocrinologists office being told that at 35 year old I have osteoporosis and insurance would not pay for the medication, I thought I was going to lose it. The doctor looked at me and said, "I understand that you have broken 4 bones in 2 weeks but there's nothing i can do.... I guess you need to find a trainer and start weight lifting". 


Nothing you can do??? Weight Lifting?!?!  He obviously does not know my story nor my life!!  How am I going to weight lift with the fear of breaking bones from the osteoporosis and I can't even sit or walk without pain from the severe scoliosis I was diagnosed with as a teenager. What was he thinking? ... What was I going to do? 


I had a couple of choices of what to do. I could 1) sit and cry and go into a depression, 2) I could blame someone else for all of my ailments, or 3 )I could take responsibility for my own heath and take the control out of the doctors hands and into my own hands. 

I had put my trust into so many doctors over the years trying to find out what was wrong and all I ever got was a new diagnosis - never a solution. There had been so many diagnoses that it was just heartbreaking to hear another one being dolled out to me like it was a common occurrence. Well I guess at this point it was a common occurrence for me.  

Here are some of the diagnoses that I have received:

- PCOS polycystic oviarian syndrome

- Endometriosis

- Cervical Cancer

- Undetectable menstruation cycle

 - Tubal Cancer

- Infertility

- Scoliosis

- Pelvic synthasis

- Bursitis (all joints)

- Asthma

- Migraines

- Multiple Broken Bones

- Multiple recurring sprains

- Rectus Diastisis

- Hernias

 - Anxiety

- Carpel Tunnel

- Adrenal fatigue (4 times)

- Extremely low cortisol levels

- Osteoporosis

- pectus excavatum

 - menopausal

- anemia

- recurring sinus infections

- Hyperthyroid

- Hypothyroid

- Nodules on thyroid

- restless leg syndrome

- pylo nephritis

- tachycardia

- arthritis

 - TMJ


 - fibromyalgia

- ganglion cysts (multiple)

- melanoma

 - IBS

- leaky gut

- 62 kidney stones

- frequent urinary tract infections


- prediabetic

- ehlers-danlos syndrome

....and I'm sure there's a few I have forgotten along the way.  


You would think that one of my any other diagnoses would have thrown me over the edge but osteoporosis is the one that broke the camel's back! 


I think his words of "There's nothing else I can do" was my breakthrough moment. It was the moment I realized I need to stop relying on the doctors to fix me and I needed to take my own health into my hands. I need to get me strong!!  Not only strong physically but i needed to get strong mentally. I needed to put faith back into my body that it can be healthy! So I began my search...


 I found Jennifer through talking with some friends and started by working my way through becoming healthy. There were more doctors to see and lots of lab work to read but together we put the pieces of the puzzle together to understand what my body was trying to tell me. 


When I first started coming I was struggling to even get there, I hurt, I had doubt, I just wanted to just run away and hide. Sure those were all choices that I could have made but it would not have gotten me better; I would have progressively gotten sicker. So i changed my mindset to be my own cheerleader. I would set up for an exercise and seriously go through telling myself (quietly) that I could do this, I am going to be strong, I am not going to quit! Those positive affirmations of believing in myself is what strengthened me mentally to return session after session. My first dead lift was 28 lbs and I know that does not sound like a lot but that was a huge accomplishment for me, it felt so good to know I was doing this!! I continued to come workout with what was becoming my tribe/ my support system 3 days a week. 


All in the midst of becoming stronger I had many setbacks. More broken bones, more diagnoses, more sprains, but I continued to workout.  I would text Jennifer "hey just wanted to give you a heads up I fell down the stairs and broke my ankle and tore some tendons but my arms are ok so I'll see you Monday".  I didn't give up on myself and let a few complications throw me off the rails because every other medical professional had, and if I gave up then there's no one fighting for ME and nothing to fight for. Not long after I started with Jennifer I knew I was on the right track because now she wasn't going to give up on me and that gave me even more confidence to fight for my own health.  I have been fighting for my health since I was 12 years old and now I am fighting harder than ever!!


The more I spent time understanding my body the more I wanted to learn to help others in a different way. I had worked in the O.R. for over a decade and while that was rewarding because I was helping people I really wanted to teach people to be their own health advocate. That is why I decided to continue my education and become a certified personal trainer. I am now able to share my story and the things I have learned over the years and teach others to apply them in a healthy and restor‚Äčative-healing way.

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