About Jennifer 

THINK Holistic Fitness Coach and Owner

Hi! I’m Jennifer, and I’m a certified personal trainer, a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, and owner of THINK Holistic Fitness in Holly Springs, NC.

I have the training and experience to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Qualifications at a glance

  • State University of New York at Stony Brook

  • The City University of New York

  • Bachelor's Degree and a Master's in Education

  • Group fitness instructor and trainer, YMCA

  • Owner, THINK Holistic Fitness

What’s different about THINK?

THINK specializes in coaching and serving women who can’t figure out why they’re unable to lose weight, including those who think they’re doing everything right. Many of my clients come to me at the end of their rope and ready to do whatever it takes to get back on track healthwise.

And if you’re perimenopausal or menopausal, you’ve just found your tribe! Most of my clients are between 35-45 years young, although I train women ages 16-68, and they’re all in various stages of healing and building strength.

My personal story

From a young age, I always loved to cook and bake. I also loved to eat. Before long, I realized I couldn't keep eating all the good food I was making without gaining weight.

So I started to train at age 24 – and  I fell in love with weight training at a time when it just wasn't very popular for women. Most of the time, I was the only female in the "serious" weight training area of the gym.

Although I was able to get fit, I still had food issues. Compulsive/binge eating followed by long periods of restricting food intake. Usually restriction happened during stressful times in my life. When the stress ebbed, I’d overeat.

I went through this cycle many, many times in my life.  I was and still am an emotional eater. But with a lot of work, self-education and kindness toward myself, I’ve managed to straighten things out.

Add in several years of Al-Anon (a 12-step program for spouses and children of alcoholics) and a sound education in functional wellness, and you can see how I personally know and understand the many factors and dynamics that affect weight and overall health.  

My enthusiasm for training and wellness led me to what I consider my calling – inspiring and training other people.  I started out as part of a team at a large facility, but I soon found myself drawn to women who were struggling but who also refused to give up. I shared in their joy when they reached their goals, I encouraged and supported them when they cried tears of frustration … and that’s when I knew I had to start my own business doing just that.

One converted garage plus lots of barbells and dumbbells and some 60 clients later, I ran out of space in my home-based studio and moved THINK to a spacious new location. Now I’m helping more women than ever, and I can honestly say I love what I do. 

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