Put the pause on perimenopause weight gain, belly fat and fatigue.

There are steps you can take to handle perimenopause weight gain and reduce your belly fat while making your energy levels soar.

Six years ago I was 37 years old and was a hot mess.  I was a hot mess.  In fact, I never felt worse.  I crashed.

I had no energy, little patience for my family and even less patience for life.  I cried at the drop of a hat and had this sense of looming fear for no reason.  As a fitness professional, I couldn't muster the energy to exercise and started losing muscle mass. In fact, I couldn't even do my OWN boot camp classes!

Fortunately, at the time I was being certified in functional diagnostic testing, hormones and metabolic function.  It helped me understand what "metabolic chaos" was and how to reverse it.  I learned that I wasn't depressed but instead I was just metabolically and hormonally imbalanced.

So what did that look like?

  • My progesterone, estrogen and testosterone levels were low.
  • My cortisol levels were low and my thyroid function was sub-optimal.
  • Most importantly I learned I was NOT going crazy like my husband thought ;-)

I was basically running on fumes to say the least.  Think of it this way.  If we ran our CARS like we ran our bodies, our engines would SEIZE.  Just like a car that gets regular service, when we do more than the bare minimum for our health we can far exceed our own expectations.



If I could give you a few tips on what to do about your perimenopause weight gain and belly bloat........this is what I would say.

  1. Find a doctor or practitioner who can help you assess your hormones and metabolic function so you can achieve balance in your body. Educate yourself about your lab reports and understand what HEALTHY and OPTIMAL looks like.
  2. Weight train CONSISTENTLY because the rate of muscle loss in your 40's and beyond speeds up and this in turn lowers your metabolic rate which speeds up fat loss.  So make strength training your friend....for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.
  3. Learn what your cortisol levels are and learn what type of exercise works best with your current levels.  You can't give what you don't have.  Another words, if you don't have much gas in the tank extreme exercise such as plyometrics or cardio can make your hormone profile worse which can also make your fitness efforts counterproductive.
  4. Figure out your level of CARB TOLERANCE.  Everyone is different in this aspect and sometimes women resort to NO CARB diets but you can shoot yourself in the foot with this approach.  There is a balance and everyone is different.
  5. Eat ENOUGH to maintain your weight while weight training and STOP existing in a perpetual calorie deficit.  For a period of time STOP thinking about losing fat because most likely you have been in this mode for a long time which causes a lot of muscle loss.  Instead, focus on adding as much muscle density as possible with proper nutrition and a slight calorie surplus and then choose a few weeks to focus on losing fat.  Most women spend most of their YEAR trying to lose fat and it has been their focus for too long and that’s a metabolic disaster.
  6. If you are not sleeping well at night - find out WHY and fix it.  This is more important than you realize and affects WAY MORE than meets the eye (and you don't need to rely on AMBIEN!!)
  7. Find out the balance of your gut bacteria as this can hinder not only the best weight loss efforts if the balance is off but it also affects your immune system.  A good stool test is worth the cost.
  8. When training - make sure ALL your muscles are firing up properly.  This will help to avoid the "aches and pains" that prevent many women from LIFE later on down the road.  You don't want your aching knees or sore low back to prevent you from doing what you love!!!  These aches and pains are AVOIDABLE with a good training program that includes postural restoration and corrective exercise.  The biggest culprits for women are weak glutes, hamstrings and transverse/anterior core muscles.
  9. Find a group of women who are JUST LIKE YOU and who will support you and uplift you.  They will carry you through.
  10. Find something that improves your mindset and helps you to develop an optimistic and positive attitude - one filled with gratitude and appreciation that will boost your self image.

Now that you are armed with a plan, commit to the process of undoing perimenopause weight gain and all the symptoms that come along with it.  Advocate for your own health and excellent self-care.  You are not selfish in doing so, you are being responsible for taking ownership of your own quality of life.  

Make it the best it can be!

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