Discover the ROOT CAUSE of your Inability to LOSE WEIGHT so you can DROP A SIZE......Or More!!

Every day I hear from people who – just like you and me – are struggling with their weight and body image.  Having battled inconsistency with my weight all my life, I never realized that I had an issue with eating, or emotional eating or compulsive eating…..whatever you want to call it.

I have lost 20lbs. to the tune of weighing 110 lbs. and have gained 35 lbs. and lost again and ballooned back up again…….but all this time it was dictated by life events which dictated my weight.

I have always been able to “limit” the amount of weight I would gain…….until turned 40.  Then the ability to control my weight gain became harder and harder.

It’s funny how life works…..once I got control of the “mental side” then the physical kicked in…..and I had to learn all about the hormonal roller coaster.

But I also didn’t realize how much both the mental side and the hormonal side affected my ability to lose weight and MAINTAIN it…..and I didn’t understand how they were so carefully intertwined ultimately dictating our ability to be successful.

Until I went through it myself and I helped coach my clients through it and found a better set of tools for them to use.

Then the “Lean and Serene Toolbox” was born – a 100% online weight loss troubleshooting program.

(In Person Training is available but spots are limited - see below).


If you are anything like most people you are DONE with dieting…..DONE with making New Year’s Resolutions, Monday Resolutions, 1st Day of the Month Resolutions, etc.

You have been diet hopping…..

Gym hopping…..

Supplement hopping…..

Hoping that FINALLY this will be the answer to help you get yourself in control.

But if you are anything like most people……these are short term fixes AT BEST.

And if you are like most people……you know WHAT TO DO!!!!

You know you have to eat healthy.

You know you have to work out.

You know why you have to get your rest.

You know you need to avoid sugar, limit caffeine, not overeat, not under-eat.

You KNOW you need to eat more veggies.

You KNOW you need to get yourself together to get all this done.

But…….if you are like SO MANY PEOPLE… don’t know WHY you can’t make it happen or worse yet WHY IT ISN'T WORKING.....EVEN WHEN YOU ARE DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT.

And you fail…….and give up.

It seems HOPELESS.

It's hard to go out and do the usual bad habit after you have written about it in a daily share.....makes it near impossible!! - Kacey

I am definitely one of those people who always has had some sort of issue with good, under/over exercising.  I am so thankful for this opportunity!  I've wanted a great body for so long and tried so, so many things and failed (especially as a teenager) a large part of me doesn't even believe that it's attainable. - Christine

I must say that reading these emails has helped me stop the vicious circle in that I'm not just randomly popping stuff into my mouth. - Connie

For me I have to be cautious when using self honesty that it doesn't become self destruction.  This has been something this group has really helped me with!! Being able to sit down and look at your foods and weight, struggles and accomplishments without making it about your negative traits and find a way to take your own personal constructive criticism without it turning into a self bash is a HUGE goal of mine.  I know this will be the key to my success!! -Kathyrn

Wow it is amazing how while I was typing my share.....I looked back to see who had just shared and she had the exact same issue as me.....wowwwww!!!!  - Mary

In this program you will learn how to:

·         Stop the “all or nothing” diet mentality

·         Stop trying to use “willpower” and “trying to be good” and learn what blocking factors or imbalances may be at play (hormonal, gut issues, seratonin deficiency, candida overgrowth, dysbiosis, and MORE.)

·         Get in touch with your body and read your "symptoms"

·         Stop comfort eating, emotional eating or overeating and stop eating when you are not hungry

·         Stop “thinking” about food all the time

·         Be comfortable around your food temptations and binge foods

·         Stop weighing yourself all the time and stop beating yourself up about the number on the scale

·         Build a body that is RECEPTIVE to losing weight and not FIGHTING fat loss

·         Find solutions for issues that normally make you throw in the towel

·         Create self-accountability and what that REALLY looks like

·         MOST IMPORTANTLY……Weight Loss Troubleshoot for the 2 things that will halt your weight loss in its tracks


·         Learn if cardio is right for you......and your hormonal state (or is cardio making your fatter?)

·         How to eat for your AGE - learn hormonal based eating

·         Workout smarter…..not harder or longer (and learn which workouts YOU should be doing for YOUR body)

Better yet.....There will be:

  • NO Expensive Gym Membership
  • No Need to Purchase Shakes or Supplements
  • No Getting Up Early
  • No Tasteless, Boring Diet Food

Also includes:

  • 21 Day Detox ( to start off if you feel you need it)
  • Grocery Shopping Lists
  • Recipe Books
  • Flex Dieting Manual
  • Workout programs PLUS follow along/how to videos for home or your gym
  • Access to a workout database
  • Healthy Food List PDF with caloric values and macronutrient values for easy reference
  • Daily Email support group with access to me 24/7
  • Video coaching for the mental side so you can stay balanced and SERENE
  • Text message accountability check ups by ME ( I am relentless BTW )
  • Accountability charts that must be sent in to me weekly
  • Menu planning course and help

Who is this Group for?

  • Someone who is serious about taking control of their health and wellness
  • Someone who wants a step by step roadmap of how to lose fat in a HEALTHY manner
  • Someone who wants to get off the "diet merry go round" and develop a healthy relationship with food and themselves
  • Someone who wants and needs to be part of a supportive group of women on a similar journey
  • Someone who wants to gain control of cravings and what seems to be uncontrollable weight 
  • Someone who has tried EVERYTHING and can't manage to make the scale budge
  • Someone who is willing to invest in themselves
  • Someone who is computer literate

Basically.....if you are interested in RESTORING YOUR HEALTH so your body can be RECEPTIVE to losing weight and you need a STEP BY STEP PERSONALIZED PROGRAM that is based on your INDIVIDUAL ISSUES.....then this program is for you.

ALL FOR ONLY $69 PER MONTH (Value $159)

This program requires a 3 month commitment..

Why 3 months? 

It usually takes 3 months of steady commitment to:

  • Identify blocking factors
  • Apply necessary protocols
  • Layer the steps so each change becomes NORMAL
  • Learn how to listen to your body's signals
  • Achieve hormonal balance

Building health is not easy......but it is POSSIBLE when you know what to look for and how to make multiple little tweaks along the way which amount to a huge physical change - both internally and EXTERNALLY.

This is a "one step at a time" process which makes building health easy, attainable AND AFFORDABLE.


If you want to commit to discovering the root cause of your inability to lose weight and how to fix it CLICK THE ADD TO CART BUTTON BELOW to sign up for the program and also fill out the form below and I will contact you within 1 business day.

(Once you sign up you will receive a packet of information + the Detox + Flex Dieting Manual, etc.)

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