Welcome to THINK Holistic Fitness
A Truly Holistic, Intelligent, Natural and Kind Approach to Fitness

THINK Holistic Fitness is a semi-private "women only" training facility. 

We are here to get one very specific job done - to help you achieve your personal goal of improved health, physical strength, injury recovery or healing from toxic diet or fitness culture.

Through our rigorous initial assessments we find every possible barrier to your success and help you eliminate them so you can reach your goal and never have to "diet" again.

We invest everything we have in helping you reach your goal and will leave no stone unturned.  We are committed to helping you in every way we can - even if it's texting us at a restaurant when you are confused about a menu or helping you manage negative self-talk.

At THINK Holistic Fitness we walk the walk and want you to know what that feels like so you too can be free of food addiction, pain, inflammation, fatigue, bloat and/or negative self image.  

This is our calling.

What's Different About THINK?

THINK specializes in coaching and serving women who can’t figure out why they’re unable to meet their goals, including those who think they’re doing everything right. Many of my clients come to us at the end of their rope and are ready to do whatever it takes to get back on track with their wellness, fitness and mindset.

And if you’re perimenopausal or menopausal, you’ve just found your tribe! Most of our clients are between 40-65 years young, although we train women ages 16-68, and they’re all in various stages of healing and building strength.

Hi there, I’m Jennifer, and I’m so excited you’re here!

FUN FACT!  The info in this site doesn't come from theory or some random ideas thrown together.  It comes from over 12 years working  with women - especially those who are peri-menopausal and post-menopausal. 

I specialize in coaching and teaching women to identify the reasons for their inability to reach their goals,  including those who think they are doing everything right.

I don't believe in relying on willpower to succeed in transforming your body. Relying on willpower only leads to frustration, desperation and feelings of failure. Instead, I have developed a very thorough system to analyze and identify exactly where the main problems and issues exist.

 Read more here...


Our Services

Female Fitness Studio

Semi-Private Training

Online Nutrition and Health Coaching

THINK Holistic Fitness

At THINK, we meet you where you are. If you’re exhausted, unmotivated, discouraged, down on yourself or even literally falling apart, that’s ok. Because you’re not alone – and we know how to help you. 

So how can you regain your energy and vitality, increase your flexibility and strength and start to feel good about your body again? It’s a whole-body process. THINK isn’t a lose-10-pounds-in-2-weeks type of place.  Read more about our approach to fitness here...


THINK Online Coaching

Not a local? Unable to meet in person? Not quite ready to sweat it out with us at THINK? 

Maybe you’re interested in our online coaching program which include seminars on the challenges we see popping up most frequently in the women we work with. Or you may need more intensive one-on-one health coaching. 

No problem!   Learn more about the ways we can help you here...


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