Ultimate NO EXCUSES Full Body Workout Routine

If you are finding it simply too difficult to stick to your gym routine - why not try a full body workout ladder at home?  You can workout in less time and a good workout.  Curious?

When you are aiming for fat loss a full body workout routine is a MUST DO.  People always think of cardio, cardio, cardio for fat loss and while cardio is necessary and effective - stimulating your muscles with resistance training is extremely necessary.


Think about it….you want to get the most bang for your buck.  You want to be effective and productive and you want to GET IT DONE.  If you are going to spend time working out - you want to put in 100% effort.   I've seen people sweat …I've seen them work out hard…..but you want to work out SMART, too.

Why a Full Body Workout Routine?

  • Stimulates your major muscles for greater calorie burn.
  • Stimulate growth hormone to help you shed fat faster.
  • Helps your body become more insulin sensitive (which help you decrease your body's ability to store carbs as fat).
  • Increases testosterone because the more muscularly dense you are - the higher your testosterone levels will be which is the ULTIMATE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.
  • And basically……is a better body shaping , weight loss workout routine.


And ladies…..don't think that testosterone isn't important for you because it is VERY important.  Granted, we may not have as much testosterone as men (nor would we want that much) but we still need this hormone to be in a healthy balance. 

You want a full body workout routine because lifting light weights to "tone" your triceps and biceps isn't going to be enough to stimulate the production of testosterone.  You need to use BIG MOVEMENTS like squats, push ups, back rows, jump squats. 


Weight loss is also a hormonal game and when your hormonal stars are aligned - weight loss will occur.  Weight training helps to normalize and stabilize hormones.  But don't go crazy and go workout for 2 hours because too much of a good thing IS COUNTERPRODUCTIVE.  A full body workout routine that lasts 45 minutes is ideal.

Weight loss workout routines that kick your butt at home is entirely possible.  There are so many fancy gym memberships - but that's what they are - memberships.  You can spend anywhere from $10 per month up to $110 per month on a gym membership but if you don't know what you are doing you can easily spin your wheels and get nowhere fast. 

Try this workout below - all you need is a set of dumbbells.  One set of 8 lb. dumbbells will cost you $16 AT MOST.  If you have a few different sets (5 lbs., 8lbs., 10 lbs., 12 lbs. and 15 lbs.) you can get in an amazingly effective workout.  Check out Craig's List or local thrift stores for dumbbells.  People are getting rid of them all the time and you can easily get a full set. 

Here in Holly Springs, NC I go to Play it Again Sports for some good, used equipment and I use Craig's List OFTEN.

Enjoy this full body workout below!!

"Climb A Workout Ladder"

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