About THINK Holistic Fitness

THINK Holistic Fitness

THINK Holistic Fitness follows a multifaceted approach to health and wellness.

Lack of sleep, emotional issues, calorie and nutrient intake, physical activity, stress, pre-existing injuries, undiagnosed thyroid or autoimmune issues and many other factors can affect your ability to look and feel your best.

We take all that into account when working with our clients. 

The THINK Holistic Fitness Approach to Wellness

It’s exceedingly rare that a calories in / calories out approach will solve anyone’s problems.

To that end, THINK offers:

1. Functional diagnostic hormone and metabolic testing

These tests help clients pinpoint the root cause of many common ailments that can cause tremendous dysfunction in the body. This dysfunction results in fatigue, weight gain, high blood sugar, poor eating habits, digestive issues and more.  Read more...

2. Semi-private personal training tailored to your needs and abilities

Designed to gradually increase flexibility, endurance and strength over time, your training will include a mix of weight-lifting and cardiovascular activities such as rowing, biking, light jogging and plyometric exercises.

We also focus heavily on building core strength, so get ready to hit the mat with the rest of us!  Read more...

3. Physical therapy services

Our in-house Orthopeadic Clinical Specialist is available primarily by appointment. If you’re recovering from an injury or otherwise in need of physical therapy to reduce pain and restore mobility, she’s the person you want to see.

Interested in trying out THINK Holistic Fitness?  

Give our Signature Program a try.  Our Healthy Habits = Stronger Body 21 Day Jumpstart is new series proven to take you by the hand (as in Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, etc.) to help you avoid overwhelm so you can lose weight, increase strength, find your perfect nutrition style and feel AMAZINGLY CONFIDENT in your body.

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