About THINK Online Coaching

THINK Health Coaching

At THINK, we realize not everyone is ready to train right away or they may not be in the local area. Therefore, we offer a number of health coaching options to meet you where you are today.

Online coaching may be just what you need to get started, be accountable and stay on track to reach your health and wellness goals.

THINK Online Coaching Options

1. Online coaching

THINK has clients all over the US. Online coaching is an ideal and cost-effective way to begin your journey toward health and wellness. Online coaching clients have access to the same assessment tools, strategies and even the same workouts as our local clients.

We’ll also keep you accountable by checking in with you regularly, cheering your successes and helping you tackle any challenges that come your way.

3. Individual coaching

Individual coaching includes extensive reviews of the many factors that affect health and wellness. These factors include food intake, everyday lifestyle, stress and cortisol levels, various lab tests and more.

Think of individual health coaching as hiring your very own private investigator to find the root cause or causes of your symptoms and issues. We’ll help guide you so you can put all the pieces together and feel “normal” again.

4. Group support

We share information and lift each other up in a private Facebook group for THINK clients only. So you may be online or not yet ready to train, but you’re never alone! There’s something very powerful about joining a welcoming group of like-minded women who feel the same way you do. When you’re surrounded by people who are motivated to get healthy and make positive changes, it’s easy to join in and be inspired. 

Is THINK Fitness a better fit for you? Let’s find out!    

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