Success Stories

You too can be one of these success stories!

CASE STUDY:  How Heather lost 40lbs. when she turned 40!

When Heather was 39 years old she set a goal to lose 40 lbs. by the time she turned 40.  That’s was a very ambitious goal for her lifestyle as a sales manager who travels A LOT for work and has a very demanding job.  Heather also expressed her dislike for cardio and preferred to do as little as possible!  Well believe it or not – she was able to lose 40+ lbs. without doing extreme cardio workouts. 


CASE STUDY:  How Laura is growing younger each year at age 62!

Read here how Laura went from 36% bodyfat to 22% body fat at the age of 62!  Laura reversed her bone density scans and literally grew younger in one year!

Renee: "I haven't and don't use the word DIET as a description of my eating since joining THINK."

Read Renee's Case Study to find out what we did to get her to lose 15lbs. in ten weeks and how we were able to get her to lose fat at 2400 cal. PER DAY.

Barb: " life has changed drastically where I have confidence in me, not just physically but mentally...
I LOVE THINK and Jennifer and her team!"

Case Study: Barb, before and after pics after 3 monthsBarb...before and after photos, 3-months

Before coming to your studio (It’s hard for me not to call it a gym…..but it’s SO much more than a gym!!), I truly thought I was on the path like SO many other women in the mid 50’s.  I’d had a hysterectomy at the age of 36 and have been on HRT ever since.  My weight every year became a struggle finally hitting the 145 pound mark.  This is 20 pound more than what I used to consider my highest weight of 125 (in my early 30’s)!  My hardest struggle was losing at best 10 pounds all to hit a plateau, not lose any more, give up and start my binge eating and drinking….all to put all the weight I’d just lost back on…..this is the cycle I was in for years!!  

Read more about Barb's amazing female transformation over 50 years of age!

Lisa's Story: Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

If you were given a roadmap that tells you exactly what to do and all you have to do is execute and take action – would you do it?

At THINK Holistic Fitness, we help you stop yo-yo dieting and uncover everything that can get in the way of a woman’s ability to lose weight. 

Lisa came to THINK in January 2017 and lost 12 lbs. in her first 6 weeks and continued to lose another 8 lbs. as well as a few sizes.

Listen to Lisa's story!


Read more on how Diane achieved a 60lb. weight loss in 6 months.

Elaine: "...Jennifer kept me accountable and was so supportive and encouraging..."

Without Jennifer...I wouldn’t have come this far...I love our THINK family. They are my people."


Client profile: Elaine R, 44, divorced, mother of one, works full-time

I was a mess when I landed on Jennifer’s doorstep. I was recently divorced and had lost nearly everything in the process. I had a non-functioning thyroid, chronically high stress levels, three painful blown discs in my neck and to top it off, I’d been undereating for years without even knowing it. I couldn’t sleep, I was irritable, I had terrible neck pain and my overall outlook on life was very negative and defeatist. The word Eeyore comes to mind.

Physically, I had ballooned back up to the same weight I was right before I delivered my son 9 years prior. I was bloated-looking and completely lacking in muscle tone and endurance. I knew I needed to change and take better care of myself, but I had no idea where to start. I knew I needed help. I needed exercises modified while I treated my neck issues and built up my endurance. I needed to be watched so I learned to do things the right way. I needed to be sure I wouldn’t end up worse off than I already was.


Amy Barfield: "... I’m so grateful that I found Jennifer – and that she found the true me."

My weight and body shape story began like so many others.  I didn’t like the way I looked.  I didn’t like the way I felt.  I was bloated.  Tired.  Inflated.  Inflamed.

...Through all of this, I just knew that my problem was not as simple as some unwanted, unattractive belly fat.  I didn’t “feel” right.  All over.  Something was off about my body chemistry.  But no one could help me pinpoint it...


Miranda Watts: "my body is changing shape!"

Hello everyone! My name is Miranda.  I am thirty three years old and am a registered nurse.  I have struggled the last few years with my weight.  With me only being five foot one, I have been at my heaviest of one hundred eighty-seven pounds.  I didn’t realize how big I was getting until one day I saw a photo of me and I was huge! I knew I was very unhappy with the way I looked and needed to lose weight.  So as everyone does, I bought the Hip Hop Abs and P90X from the infomercials we see on TV.  It didn’t work for me plus I was not dedicated.  I would also do the “yoyo” diets, lose weight then gain it right back when I went back to how I would normally eat.  I then decided I needed to join a gym.  This helped some because it held me accountable once I got to the gym to do something.  I took Zumba and boot camp classes.  Also my cardio would consist of an hour on the elliptical at a manual steady pace.  I managed to get down to one hundred seventy pounds in two years.  Two years is a long time to only lose seventeen pounds.  I started to get very discouraged and upset that I would never meet my first goal of weighing one hundred fifty pounds.  I was about to give up.  I then one day decided that I needed a personal trainer and googled, “personal trainers in Raleigh”.  Jennifer’s website popped up; I filled out the consultation and within minutes Jennifer was responding back to me to set up a time to discuss my health/fitness goals.  I was blown away with how knowledgeable Jennifer was when I first met her.  I instantly felt she was someone who wanted to help an individual who struggle with their weight; she wasn’t just running a business. 

I’ve been working out now with Jennifer twice a week for two months and have lost seven pounds!  Not only this, but my body is changing shape!  She has taught me that it’s not about losing weight but a lifestyle change.  She has also taught me that we are what we eat, weight training is important and that everyone has their own struggles with weight because our bodies are super smart in acknowledging what we are doing to it. 

I feel what has made the biggest impact with me losing the last seven pounds is learning how to eat healthy and have proper form with weight training.  Seven pounds may not seem like a lot to some but I feel amazing!  I have more energy and am excited to see in the next few months how my body is going to change more.  I know with working out with Jennifer, I will met my first goal of weighing one hundred fifty pounds and go below that!  She has changed my life into becoming a healthier person! 

Jaime: "discovered I AM an athlete!!"

My name is Jaime, I am 35 years old and a mom of 3. For 10 years I worked as a pediatric floor nurse and over the last 2 years I moved to a regular m-f, 9-5 job.  I have been overweight all my life. Never an athlete but tried like hell to fit in. I remember trying to run around the soccer field and faking injuries because I just wasn't fit enough to participate. I had no endurance. Then I went to college, my best friend and roommate was beautiful and SKINNY! Not awkward skinny but fit skinny. I tried to work out like she did but I just didn't have it in me to stick to it.  I always had skinny friends as if that would make me skinny. Pretty sure in most cases I was the DFF (designated fat friend). It was something I began to just accept. I enjoyed drinking and partying too much to do anything else. I was at my highest of 202 when I met my husband. I will never forget that day at the doctor. I wanted to die.

Over the year or so we dated I got down to 195.  We moved to Connecticut and I got depressed because he was working so much and I was afraid I was going to lose him.  I figured losing weight would make him love me more. I find that no matter what I always need a goal to work towards in order for me to get "serious" about losing weight. The first time 9 years ago it was my mom's wedding. I started at 195 and got down to 165. After mom's wedding and salvaging our relationship (we moved to NC and he worked better hours) about 20lbs of that came back. Then came our engagement. Another goal so 8 years ago I lost 30lbs for my wedding bringing me to 50lbs gone from my highest weight ever. Not bad right?! Well then I got pregnant. BYE BYE 50lbs. Welcome 60lbs gained.

The last time I saw my weight when I was pregnant I believe was at 38 weeks and I was 213lbs. I refused to look at the scale until after my delivery! I had 2 more children and my weight would go up and down but I was usually hovering around 185.   My oldest was 4 when I got "serious" again. This time it was for my sisters wedding.  I was not at my heaviest but I had a goal of 30-40lbs to lose.  I achieved that goal. In fact I was 5lbs from my overall goal!!! That's when the weight gain started. I met a group of friends and began to train for a half marathon and a full marathon. "Rungry" is a real thing.  I was hungry all the time and began to eat whatever I wanted because well "I just burned 1200 calories" running!!  

This was around the same time I met Jennifer.  We met at a healthy meals party and I told her "if you can give me a butt, I'll love you forever" I have always had a flat butt! I was so impressed by her ability to pinpoint every weak muscle I had in my legs and why I was shaped the way I was I knew I had to give her a chance. We have been working out together for 9 months or so.

Weight loss has been a challenge as I have found out that my hormone levels are royally screwy and need to be fixed before I will see the true results I crave. That has been the biggest challenge but also the biggest relief to know that there are some blocking factors to my weight loss.  

Even when I was 5lbs from my overall goal my stomach was still an issue, that's where I carry my weight and the reason has nothing to do with my food choices. It has everything to do with my hormone levels. We found some amazing supplements that I can't imagine a day without and as a result my energy is way up and I'm normally relatively mellow and not highly stressed (unless my kids are aggravating me!).

Since working out with Jennifer I have discovered that I am an athlete. I am a runner, I lift, I love working out and hate it at the same time.  I walk into Jennifer's gym knowing there is a challenge ahead of me and it excites me.  I am about to find out I am stronger than I thought I was. Sometimes I am even stronger than she thinks I am. Most importantly I am walking into a supportive environment with someone that not only wants me to succeed but genuinely cares about me and my overall well being. She is available to me basically 24/7. You can't get that kind of support and training anywhere else.       

I am not at my goal weight or my goal form but I am getting there. Every day I am a little stronger and notice a little more muscle! 

-----Oh and in case you are wondering..... I HAVE A BUTT!!!!!!!!

April: Before and After - 25 lbs. down

Tammy: "lost 1.5 inches in each thigh"

Hi my name is Tammy. I am an avid exerciser but was having difficulty toning my body the way I wanted it to be. After my consultation, Jennifer pinpointed my weak areas and has made sure to include exercise to make me more balanced. Jennifer is helping me obtain my goal by first showing me proper exercise form and secondly, encouraging me to try more advanced exercises and to increase the weight I was lifting – all which have made a huge difference. She also has great advice on nutrition and supplements. 


One of the things I like best about Jennifer is she is not afraid to change the course if the current plan is not working for you. She will work with you until she and you find something that’s right for your body. 


I am doing things now I didn’t think were possible – chin ups, pulls ups, tons of push ups, etc. When finishing one of her workouts, you feel strong and empowered knowing you can do anything you set your mind to!

Jennibeth: "I lost 10 pounds seemingly overnight!"

I am a 49-year-old female who has been concerned about weight issues since I was in the seventh grade. I was fortunate that my mom always saw to it that I made healthy choices, but it was always a worry of mine -- never being thin enough or fit enough.

After having both my children, I had success at Weight Watchers. Fast forward to age 48 and it all came back and NOTHING came off no matter what diet or exercise plan I was on.

A few months before turning 50, I met with Jennifer and decided to give weight training a try. She put me on a detox eating plan and I lost 10 pounds seemingly overnight. 

More surprising than that, I began to really enjoy weight training. I had always been a cardio junkie before but within weeks, I was pulling clothes out of the closet that had been too small, only to find that they now looked great on me.

My desire for good food instead of junk food had been a great surprise too. I look forward to a dinner of salmon, brown rice and salad more than pasta, garlic bread and chocolate cake.

I feel great, confident and I'm happy with myself. I still am working on my health and wellness but I know I'm on the right path and have Jennifer to thank for helping me find my way.

Erika: "lost 17lbs. in 6 weeks!"

1. How did you hear about my training program?

Jaime Baliva turned me on to your site and her personal training experience so I thought what the heck let me give it a try online since I need someone who can guide me and Jaime said you were great.

2. What were your hopes when you first started?

My hopes were to have a good schedule that would fit my life and a good workout as well for someone who was newly beginning this journey as well. I def liked the idea that I was being held accountable and that at any time once I shared my fit pal app you could see my food so I had to be serious and have progress to report.

3. What did you learn that you did not know prior to starting training?

I learned so much in this training from how many calories I should be eating to what macros even are and how they affect my workout. I learned how hormonal changes can also affect my weight gain. I learned about reading the scale over a week and not just a day because of the flux.   

4. How has training with me helped you meet your goals?  

Training with you has helped me reach my goals because you motivated me and supported me through all of this. You gave me the tools and answers to every question I had. From the email support to the phone calls everything was great! I know I had to be ready to do this but to have someone pushing, supporting, providing the tools, and holding me accountable was exactly what I needed!

5. If doing online training, what were your expectations of online training?  And would you recommend online training to others?

I don’t think I thought it would be this great but the online training to me has been wonderful. I have and will continue to recommend this to others who are motivated and ready to truly see results!

6. What are your current results/successes?

I think I am still reeling off the happiness that I actually stuck to this tooth and nail for 6 weeks through an Easter, numerous parties, ect. I never stopped and gave in to an urge. 

So far I am at 17 lbs lost at 6 weeks so I am ready to keep going and get fit

7. What did you do that worked for you to lose the weight?  (EX: charting calories, eliminating foods, what were your workouts like, sleep, supplements, etc.)

I did everything from charting calories to completely cutting out bad food and alcohol. I stuck to the amount of calories I was supposed to eat just about every day (maybe not 2 or 3 days) but that definitely was a start. Preparing my food on Sunday and then again on Wed was a big help. I drank at least 100 ounces of water a day as well.  I cant say the cleanse helped but it may have. 

I am doing 3 workouts a week, jogging/running on the days I don’t work out and one day a week I just take a long walk with the dogs.  I tend to sleep 6-7 hours a night and it works for me now.

I love the extend stuff with my workout as I don’t hurt as bad the next day and it boosts me to finish my workout. 

When I was close to my weigh in for a competition for weight loss I was in, I drank the dandelion root and took the "Expel". I also somewhat followed the 7 day cleanse but really just ate very little from the options on the form. I cant be sure that the expel helped as I didn’t pee anymore then I normally did but I did continue to lose weight over the weekend. 


Christy: 6 months post TWINS!!

Christy is the 2nd from the left!!  Look at those ABS!!!

Lori: 48 yrs. old

Theresa - down 3 lbs. in her 1st week


Sharon is one of my metabolic coaching clients.  She is working on rebalancing hormone levels by thoroughly evaluating thyroid, adrenal, blood sugar and incorporating a whole foods detox program.

Sandra is also one of my online coaching clients.  She too is working on assessing all hormone levels by doing adrenal, thyroid and blood sugar balancing while incorporating a whole foods detox program.

Stacey is learning to set her metabolic thermostat through incorporating a specific strategy to break plateaus that used to mystify her in her past weight loss efforts.  She has worked on adrenal and blood sugar dysregulation as well as learning to troubleshoot her fat loss plateaus which has kept her sane throughout this journey.  Stacey is also proud to announce that she is no longer shopping in the PLUS SIZE section of stores and can now shop in the regular size area.  This is a HUGE confidence booster and reassures her that everything she is going is working!!

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