CASE STUDY: Renee's Testament to Eating More

Renee sent me an email one day saying “I need your help”.  She was scattered with her eating, lacked direction in any sort of training regimen and had tried for too long to do very difficult diets which only made her feel bad about herself and left her feeling like a food failure.

Before we go further, I just want to say how impressed I am with Renee and how very proud we are of her.  She has become such a source of inspiration for the women at THINK as they watch her transform her body. 

In 10 short weeks Renee:

  • Lost 15 lbs.
  • Lost 5% of body fat
  • She uses the macro system for nutritional tracking.
  • Her lowest calorie intake was 1600 calories with approximately 35% of that intake being protein. 
  • Her highest caloric intake is 2400 calories with her macros adjusted accordingly.
  • She weight trains 3x per week with some HIIT/metabolic training thrown in.
  • She had a discectomy in her lower lumbar years prior.  We assessed her for a weak posterior chain, anterior tilt and hyper-mobility and made training adjustments so she can learn to lift without injury.  Today she deadlifts over 100lbs. without any back pain.
  • Her picture progress shows exactly why the scale cannot be your only measurement of success.
  • She is learning to take her mind out of “diet mode” and instead learning how to set her metabolism by going in and out of deficits for clear and concise periods of time and she is learning to then come out of those modes to give her metabolism a break.
  • She no longer “white knuckles” through a diet and has learned to relax with her food so she does not feel the typical “diet guilt and shame”. 

I cannot say this enough. Not one woman has entered the studio from the start of their journey jacked up on muscle.


After all,  muscle weighs something!

It is very scary for female clients when we tell them to eat more. It's scary when we tell them to focus only on getting protein in upwards of 130 gram + per day and MORE.

It's scary when we don't put new people into a calorie deficit right away or some fancy detox to "just get the weight off".

Most women have been existing in a long term-underfed- nutritional state while being over-stressed and -over-tired. This is a perfect environment for your body to become catabolic (basically eating at it's own muscle tissue to get the energy requirements it needs).

Many of you have come in with areas of your body that just plain old DON'T FIRE UP (ex: hamstrings, glutes, core, etc.).

But the desperation for a leaner figure and a scale that reflects the number you want gets in the way of making TRUE change.

We can PROMISE you that if you work on YOU and you do the things to truly change your POSTURAL PATTERN and your LAB PROFILE and your NUTRITIONAL HABITS you will get the results you want.


This is what we see so often when new clients come to THINK:

1. Under nourishment
2. Weak and/or ineffective postural pattern
3. Inconsistent workout routines
4. Unfocused eating.
5. Emotional and mental stressors
6. Blood sugar imbalances, inflammation, etc.
7. Inefficient food skills (macros, food prep, etc.)

We can also promise you that the more you focus on driving the scale DOWN the more you may dig yourself into a hole that perpetuates the very situation you DON'T WANT..

Every new client goes through a very in-depth assessment before beginning training.  We go over issues like:

  • Past diet history
  • Current food intake/amounts
  • Past/current injuries
  • Postural patterning assessment
  • Current life challenges
  • Full laboratory analysis
  • Current nutrition “skill”
  • Current training level

We take all this information and make you a customized program where we do this WITH you.

We cannot do it FOR YOU.

But we DON’T just give you the plan and wish you luck.  We coach you along the way through your challenges, hurdles, “Stinking Thinking” and weight loss plateaus so you can succeed and never have to diet again!


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