Meet Kelly

Hi, I am Kelly Miller, Certified Personal Trainer, wife to Tyler, and mom to two girls Giuliana and Gabriella.

Becoming a trainer was something that I transitioned to out of a true love of fitness. I worked for 10 years in the financial industry before becoming a stay at home mom to my two daughters. Although active most of my life with group sports, it was not until having kids that I found my true passion for fitness, particularly weight lifting. My 30-45 minute workouts became my time to focus on myself. It started by doing videos in my bedroom while my girls napped! Shortly after, I progressed to group classes at the gym, and eventually began training on my own. After some time, the desire grew to help others with their fitness journey. When my youngest was approaching kindergarten, I decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer in order to re-enter the working world, this time doing something I really love! It is so rewarding to see clients of mine reach a new goal, progress with a particular lift, and for them to feel accomplished and proud about their success at the gym.

Personally I love barbell lifting (squats!) and I frequently change my programs from strength based to hypertrophy based. I follow a macro based diet, but truly believe the key to a successful diet is a having healthy mental relationship with food- it should be a fuel and an enjoyment!

I met Jennifer at the gym (shocking!) in 2021. When she reached out asking if I wanted to come on board as a trainer I happily accepted in order to learn more from her and get the opportunity to work in a different setting than I was used to (one on one sessions). I absolutely love the energy at THINK and am continually impressed by the strength (mental and physical) of our clients.

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