CASE STUDY:  Learn how Amy was able to reduce belly fat WITHOUT doing a BA-JILLION crunches, harsh dieting and extreme exercise.

Reduce Belly Fat

Amy Barfield: "... I’m so grateful that I found Jennifer – and that she found the true me."

When I met Amy and asked her “If we had a magic wand – what would you change first” she said “her stomach”.

She was so frustrated with her bloated belly and she said that NO MATTER WHAT SHE DID she could not get her stomach to shrink.

Read her story:

My weight and body shape story began like so many others.  I didn’t like the way I looked.  I didn’t like the way I felt.  I was bloated.  Tired.  Inflated.  Inflamed.

I started with the usual suspects in order to try and self-address my issues.  I lost pounds and inches with frozen Weight Watchers meals and points counting, but I eventually lost my appetite for the meals, and I became concerned about the additives and preservatives in the food.  Gained all the weight back.

I joined a gym and went to group fitness classes.  I worked one-on-one with a personal trainer.  I attended yoga religiously.  I walked.  I tried eating less.  I worked with a nutritionist and tried eating healthier.  I got my husband to agree to invest a few thousand dollars in a Cool Sculpting fat freezing treatment for my midsection.  Still, no measurable success.

I read a fat flush plan book, and my husband went on a new diet with me.  A metabolism-resetting, colon-cleansing life plan of a diet.  Strict, rigorous instructions about when to do what, concoctions to drink and supplements to take and a litany of rules that forbid just about every joy of oral consumption.  He lost 25 pounds and loves it.  Is still on it.  Did me zero good.

Through all of this, I just knew that my problem was not as simple as some unwanted, unattractive belly fat.  I didn’t “feel” right.  All over.  Something was off about my body chemistry.  But no one could help me pinpoint it.  Not my general practitioner.  Not my trainer.  Not my nutritionist.  Not even WebMD.

Then, finally, after years of struggling and searching, I found Jennifer.  It was a referral from my compounding pharmacist that I met through my bioidentical hormone therapy clinic.  And the thread that tied it all together was a holistic approach.  Alternative, natural therapy.

Jennifer literally assessed me inside and out, top to bottom.  She unlocked all the secrets that I had wondered about but could not access on my own.  A stool test. Unbalanced digestive enzymes.  Yeast.  Candida. Even a parasite living in my gut.  All these things were contributing to my bloat and my exhaustion and my inflammation.  She said that I could run a lap around the world and lift a thousand pounds, but until I solved the problems inside, I would not be able to improve my appearance outside.

So… now I am treating my internal issues with natural supplements.  I’m recalibrating my digestive flora. I’m ridding my body of its parasite.  And when Jennifer’s gut therapy is combined with her recommendations for smarter, healthier eating and her exercise, strength and body sculpting program, the results are nothing short of amazing.  I look so much better, I feel so much better and I finally have the confidence of knowing that I am treating all of my issues at once and improving not just my figure, but my overall quality of life.  It’s a victory I never would have realized alone.  And that’s why I’m so grateful that I found Jennifer – and that she found the true me. 


Too many women approach the same problem with the same solution but not every problem has the same root cause.


As you can see, Amy has tried so many different ways to reduce her belly bloat without success but when we taught her what factors can cause belly bloat and applied a targeted approach she had success.


I am looking forward to seeing her future results and will DEFINITELY be posting her success.  Amy is an extremely compliant and diligent client so she will definitely progress – after all, COMPLIANCE IS KEY!!

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