Free Ab Workout: Do these 6 things to maximize results

This free ab workout will work great ONLY if you apply these 6 techniques for optimal results.

If there is one thing that all my clients want to work on ..... it is core.  We all want a flat stomach, toned  muscles and ultimately a 6 pack.  But what is the best way to go about doing that?


If you are looking for a core workout as ways to eliminate belly fat – I have to be honest with you – there is no amount of core training that you can do to achieve flat abs.

But if you do these 6 things WITH your free ab workout (on a consistent basis, of course) you will see your abs!!

1.       Reduce sugar to less than 25 grams per day or 15 grams if you can handle it.

2.       Get enough sleep to help blunt the effects of high cortisol.  Aim for 7-9 hours per night.

3.       Help your cortisol levels by supplementing with Vitamin C as it is very healing for your adrenal glands.

4.       Eating more healthy fats

5.       Include High Intensity Interval Training in your day.  As little as 20 minutes 3x per week can have a tremendous positive impact.  

6.       Be sure to be in a calorie deficit!!!

So what is a free ab workout going to accomplish for you?

Well, to be entirely honest training your core keeps your body’s stabilizing muscles strong so you don’t throw your back out when you bend over to pick up your 2 year old.  

When your core muscles are weak it can make the extra 10-20lbs. you are carrying look like 30lbs.

Also, when you are carrying extra weight around your core it will further weaken your core muscles leaving your back that much more vulnerable.

Doing a multiple core workouts WILL NOT whittle the fat away around your midsection.

BUT….doing core training WILL help you to keep your stabilizing muscles strong so you can lift more when you do deadlifts, squats and other exercises to help you increase your metabolic rate so you can burn fat and begin to see abdominal definition.

So many times I have seen people attempt to increase their workouts by adding in burpees, deadlifts, jump squats, etc. only to wind up with their back in spasms.  

Try this free ab workout below.  Let me know how it goes but remember to apply the 6 things I mentioned above.

If you are looking to lose fat around your core I suggest you read The Best Way to Lose Bellyfat for information on how to do that.  

As you are working on losing fat by doing what I suggested in The Best Way To Lose Bellyfat you can begin training your core so you can strengthen your stabilizing muscles and prevent your back from further injury.

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