Butt Exercises for Women:
The Trick to Transforming Your Butt

Looking for butt exercises for women to help you lift, tone, tighten and lose cellulite? 

You know the “Build a Bear Workshop”??

I always joke that I am going to make the “Build a BUTT Workshop”. 

In fact, one of my clients started the phrase in my studio saying “Lose a Gut, Build a Butt”.

Everyone who trains with me builds a butt.  They learn all the butt exercises for women to help them shape and firm areas that were once flat and saggy.

Many of them have been exercising for years but never really learned how to activate all the glute muscles.

Think about it. 

Maybe you have been doing squats and lunges – only to feel your thighs burning.  Maybe your thighs are even over developing but your rear is staying the same.

You may be nervous about showing your butt in a bathing suit. 

Or you may want to lose cellulite on your butt and have tried many lotions and creams with little to no improvement.

What about those women that seem to have that perfectly shaped, toned butt that has that “bubble butt” like shape? 

Do you want yours like that?

What does it take to BUILD A BUTT?

First, let me say…..BUTTS ARE MADE…..NOT BORN.

Well, they MAY be born when you were young  – but if you don’t take good care of your rear you will find it dwindling in your mid 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

Getting saggy, soft, flat, dimpled….shapeless.  

Do you look like this???

Or do you want it to change???

Butt exercises for women are also great to reduce cellulite

When you learn to do a butt workout exercise program you can also manage and reduce cellulite.

Exercises like these are great to help reduce cellulite but I am going to be honest with you - if you have cellulite you will never "get rid of it" BUT you can greatly reduce cellulite and learn to manage it.  But often once you stop working at it - cellulite will return.  If I do not work at keeping my glute muscles strong - I too begin to develop cellulite.  Reducing cellulite often requires a muli-faceted approach of diet, increasing muscle tone, balancing hormones, detoxing and staying hydrated.

But even with the best butt workout exercise program – you can still have little to no development.

If you don’t know how to make those muscles fire up and get activated your results will be minimal and very slow.

The one thing I teach my clients is how to activate each muscle – specifically the gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus and over time they notice that they lose cellulite.

There have been many times my clients would go through moves like squats and lunges while not feeling the right muscle at all. 


If it isn’t working…..it won’t be changing shape.

My new clients go through about 2-4 weeks of “basic training” where they learn every exercise to ensure that they are fully utilizing the proper muscle. Often, they are amazed at how they have done squats or lunges for years only to realize that the muscles have not been activating the way that they should.

So in an effort to educate you on the best butt exercises for women and how to do them – take a look at these videos below.

In each video I will explain EXACTLY what you should be feeling and the proper form.  Take your time to make sure that you are feeling what I tell you to feel. 

When you can begin to feel the muscles that I tell you to feel - then you can begin to put it into a program.  

If you have fat to lose I suggest that you stick with full body training while learning to apply these butt exercises for women with good form.

If you are lean and have lost most of your weight but your buttocks look flat then you can do more focused training using these butt exercises for women like these here.

Butt Exercises for Women "How To" Instruction

Learn here how to do Glute Bridges on a bench.  This way of performing glute bridges will help you to isolate the hamstrings and the glutes without activating the quads or tops of your legs.

Are you doing tons of squats and not seeing any results?  It could have to do with your range of motion.  See here if you are going low enough in your squats and learn how to get low enough to target your glutes.

Also take a look at this video to help you find out what may be wrong with your squat.

Lastly, these classic exercises never seem to lose their effectiveness.  If you don't have access to any cable equipment to do cable kickbacks - these exercises are effective for your gluteus medius (or the side part of your butt).   

But remember.....if you are aren't feeling it in the right places DURING the exercise chances are your effectiveness of the exercise is not 100% and your results will be ...... well..... less than 100%. 

Try doing this workout below 2-3 times per week.  These can easily be done at home.  If you are new to doing squats - start with your body weight only then begin to add weight once your form is stable.

STAY TUNED:  An Cellulite Program aimed at helping you build strong glutes while applying a protocol to effectively manage cellulite and reshape your butt!!

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