Exercises to Lose Weight for Women:
Work Smarter....Not Longer

Learn some tips for finding exercises to lose weight that work

for your metabolism and for your body.  

Remember this......you lose weight in the kitchen and you get fit in the gym.  

Just this tip alone will serve you well.

  • Does the thought of exercising just make you plain…….uncomfortable?
  • Or confused?  There are so many different workouts to choose from – which is best?
  • Possibly it makes you a bit insecure because you don’t know what to do.  

  • Does a gym setting intimidate you?  All those machines, all those weights as well as lots of people who look like they belong there – and all you may be thinking is you don’t fit in.
  • Boy oh boy, those gym memberships are expensive……never mind personal trainers!!  Who has the money for that?
  • Or maybe you think weight training will make you bulky – jeez, you’re trying to get smaller…..not bigger!!
  • Have you tried exercising before and only lost a few pounds after ALL THAT WORK?

REMEMBER…..you lose weight in the kitchen

and get fit in the gym.

Post that on your refrigerator door……on your bathroom mirror…..on your arm as a tattoo.

Not Athletic? Not a Problem

There is nothing I love more than taking a woman who has never lifted a weight in her life and seeing her not only begin to workout.....but I love seeing them become LIFTERS and doing exercises they never thought POSSIBLE.

I can tell you that the BIGGEST obstacle to most women is their belief that "this is not for them". 

I have seen TREMENDOUS changes not only physically but mentally as well. 

I have seen confidence rise where there once was none.

I have seen posture develop where there once was weakness.

But I also have seen women work their tails off with little to NO results.  Sometimes these women have been working out 5-6 days per week doing 45 minutes of cardio most of the time.  

I have seen women do Crossfit 1-2 hours per day only to remain exactly the same.

I have also seen women who are familiar with lifting weights to have little or no knowledge of good form - and then their results are lackluster at best.

More is not always better.

Better IS better.

Smarter IS better.

Matching workouts for YOUR physiology is SMARTER.

Henry Ford quotes

Which Are the Best Exercises to Lose Weight for YOU?

So here at T.H.I.N.K. Holistic Fitness you will find this information on exercises to lose weight:

  •  Workout  programs that match your current fitness level to your future goal.
  • The real skinny on cardio and fat loss……and why it often doesn’t work for women
  • The best at home workouts if you are gym-phobic or if your budget doesn’t allow it
  •  The must have workout equipment for at home……so you really don’t have an excuse
  •  How to get the most out of your 30 minute workout
  •  The best equipment free workouts
  •   And much, much more!

 But remember……exercises to lose weight only work if your nutrition matches what your body requires and your hormones are in alignment.


Let’s get moving!!!

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