A Peek Inside T.H.I.N.K. Holistic Fitness

Come take a peek inside T.H.I.N.K. Holistic Fitness!!!

What you see here is just one snippit of one workout in one hour of what goes on many hours during the week.

Capped at about 100-105 women of all ages and sizes with one common goal – creating a life full of VITALITY.

Training with us!!

MEET BEVERLY:  Would you like to be doing pull-ups at the age of 69?  Beverly never thought she would ever see the day.....but she can!

This is an amazing group of women who support each other in a journey towards optimal health by encouraging each other to:

Get Stronger -  we are all in amazement at how far each of us has come from starting push ups at an incline to watching everyone progress to doing push ups on the floor with AWESOME form.  We have watched our pull ups go from using 3 straps assistance to 1 strap.  We have watched our bodies transform and confidence soar.

We truly learn to take care of ourselves – we are a close knit group and share openly our battles and accomplishments.  We support each other through difficult diagnoses like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, congestive heart failure, adrenal fatigue, digestive disorders, chronic pain, diabetes, etc. We even ask each other if we’ve gotten our mammograms!!!!  

We Stay Positive!!! There is an attitude here of “yes you can” and “you’re doing awesome” and “you look AWESOME!!” and  even “so and so is my IDOL!!”  I’ve seen groups of women be caddy and undermining…..but not here.  I love working with all these women because they truly bring an attitude of gratitude and positivity and acceptance.  None of us are perfect yet we focus on the good stuff!!

We Have Faith!!!  As much fun as we have…..we also have moments of tears and I have seen amazing things happen – acts of generosity and kindness.  At times when some clients may not be able to attend due to financial stressors – others have raised funds to pay for memberships or have given up some of their sessions so others can attend.  

Lastly…..the message here is clear.

  • We are focused TOTAL, COMPLETE WELLNESS.  
  • After all….that’s what THINK stands for.  
  • A TRULY HOLISTIC, INTELLIGENT, NATURAL and KIND approach to fitness.

  • Lastly, we also strive for much more MUCH MORE than just an optimal weight goal on the scale.

We have come to learn to value our health and not turn a blind eye to common BUT NOT NORMAL symptoms such as lack of sleep, anxiety, blood sugar issues, gut issues, chronic pain, hair loss, inability to lose weight, debilitating muscle spasms, etc.  

With my training as a Functional Diagnostic Practitioner I help my clients find the root cause of many common ailments that can cause tremendous dysfunction in the body.  All these wonderful women have come to have a new understanding of what it means to truly have ENERGY and to feel AMAZING rather than just “getting through the day”. 

They have learned that their prior way of existing (tired, exhausted, unmotivated and trapped) was not how it has to be.  They found support that they were not “crazy” or “falling apart” but that there was another way to regain how they once felt.

They now preach ENERGY, VITALITY and WELLBEING because many of them have made amazing progress in their physical health, emotional health and lastly…..their outward physique.

They have learned how to take charge of their health and not accept the status quo of “well….you are not 25 years old anymore”.  They have learned to be their own health investigators and to dig deep for answers that were once evasive.   

They have learned to cherish their new found optimal sense of wellness and understand that this is now their way of life.

  • Eat nutrient dense food most of the time.
  • Eat for pleasure SOME of the time.
  • Exercise 6 DAYS A WEEK.
  • Take responsibility for your health.
  • Have an attitude of gratitude.
  • Care A LOT……and PAY IT FORWARD.

If you are interested in more than just the next “lose 10lbs. in 10 days” (although this often happens anyways)…….

If you are interested in going deeper and looking to create deeper levels of health and if you are ready to do the work needed to get to a place where AGE REALLY IS JUST A NUMBER…..then my program may be for you.

Wouldn’t you love to be like Beth, who Is 55 years old who takes her grand-daughter skiing in the winter and she runs 6 miles minimum at Umstead Park at least once per week and who can do at least 5 UNASSISTED PULL UPS.

Or maybe you would like to be like Bridget and show your husband that you can lift your King Size bed off the floor so you can slide the rug underneath it.

Or maybe you would like to be like April and have a 6-pack after having 2 children.

Or maybe you would like to be like Karen who WAS in chronic pain due to what was thought to be Fibromyalgia…..but after some health investigative work she came to find out that SHE DOES NOT HAVE FIBROMYALGIA but she has an auto-immune thyroid condition called Hashimoto’s.  Today she can say that she feels AMAZING and she has never felt so good.   

Or maybe you would like to be like Mary Ann and get to the root cause of your persistently stubborn belly fat that did not respond to diet and exercise but instead came to find out it had to do with adrenal fatigue and a chronic candida problem.

Or maybe you would like to be like Debbie and Stacey who were run down, fatigued and stressed out and could not lose a pound no matter how hard they tried.  Until they discovered that their blood sugar was high and their A1C levels were high.  Once getting these issues addressed and blood sugar balanced….the scale began to tick down and they now can see results.

Or maybe you would like to be like Jennibeth, Ellen, Patty, Suzanne, Bridget, Stacey, Sharon and others who were just constantly TIRED, UNMOTIVATED and down right EXHAUSTED and thought that this is just the way life is……only to find out that adrenal issues were at the root cause.  They now have renewed energy and an improved outlook on life which gives them the energy to eat well and TRAIN HARD.

I can go on and on about the improvements these ladies made that go WELL BEYOND THAT NUMBER ON THE SCALE but what you can do is come see for yourself.  

Take me up on my offer!!!

1 One Hour Personal Training/Wellness Session (Value $85)

2 Weeks of Semi Private Training Sessions (Value $120)

All for $75 TOTAL

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