Ladies, lose the bra bulge and build a beautiful back!!

Learn how to get rid of the unsightly bra bulge that hangs over your bra or strapless dress and build a beautiful back. 

Let’s face it – having a flap of skin or fat hanging over a sexy top certainly doesn’t make you feel very sexy!!  But what can you do to get rid of it? 

You can’t tuck it in and you CERTAINLY don’t want to use a piece of tape to strap your loose skin down (although I think I did see something like that on Shark Tank once!!!)

Bad idea!!!

And Spanx??  Those things are UN-COM-FORT-ABLE!!!

Fix your bra bulge with these simple steps!!


One of the biggest mistakes I see women do when they are trying to lose the back fat is to DIET MORE to reduce back fat.

Even women who are at or CLOSE TO an ideal weight can have back fat.

Yes, dieting helps to lose body fat but you can also lose lean body mass – a.k.a. MUSCLE.

So no matter how much weight you lose on the scale – be sure you are not losing lean body mass along with it.


Take time to eat enough calories to MAINTAIN your weight and STOP TRYING TO LOSE weight.  Use this time to weight train and build up as much lean muscle mass as possible.  Women tend to live in a constant deficit OR they eat too many calories that are lacking essential nutrients (crackers, cookies, cereal, cake, ice cream and WINE).  Focus on eating as much nutrient dense food and find out how much you can eat while maintaining your weight.  In my experience with my clients – they are surprised to find out that they can eat an additional 300-500 calories WITHOUT GAINING WEIGHT.  This will enable your body to build some very necessary muscle and increase your resting metabolic rate.  

THEN....learn how to go into a deficit properly to NOT lose the precious muscle mass you have gained.


Women are doing exercises to “burn the fat” but we all know you can’t do that!! But you CAN BUILD MUSCLE in that area and give the APPEARANCE that there is LESS FAT there because the muscle will help to fill out the area and push against the skin and make it look tighter.

But sadly…..many women do not even know that they are not effectively working their back muscles.  

Another words.....those muscles often don't even FIRE UP properly!!!


In the video below I explain EXACTLY how to work those lattisimus muscles so you can be sure that you are really working your back muscles effectively. 

Learn how to effectively feel if your back muscles are doing the work and learn how to train them correctly so you can see a change in your physique.

Use the techniques in this video to help you understand how to effectively train your back.

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