Drinking Water to Lose Weight is Essential for Fat Loss

Drinking water to lose weight and staying hydrated has always been my nemesis.  I do not like to drink liquids. I like to sip my drinks.  Eventually when I truly understood the importance of drinking water and when I understood how I was making it way more difficult on myself to stay lean I started to up my water intake to half my body weight.

YUP!! Half my body weight!!

 Whenever I tell my clients to drink water to lose weight they sometimes claim that they are water drinkers and get plenty.  But lay those ounces out in front of them and it’s a different reaction!!

Drinking Water to Lose Weight....
Reap the Benefits!!

There are MANY benefits to drinking water.  After all being hydrated helps to:

Ø       Flush out toxins

Ø       Hydrate hair, skin and nails

Ø       Helps people with joint pain

Ø       Prevents headaches which can be caused from dehydration

Ø       Helps prevent constipation

Ø       Helps maintain the body’s Ph balance

 But I did not know that drinking water to lose weight is a KEY STEP for OPTIMAL FAT LOSS because it helps your kidney’s function efficiently at eliminating waste.  If you are dehydrated then your kidney’s cannot do the job – so then the LIVER has to do the job of the kidneys. 

 BUT ….. if you are well hydrated then your kidneys function well and your LIVER can then do its job – which is to METABOLIZE BODY FAT.


Man…when I heard this I started chug…..chug…..chugging water.


In fact….one of my clients lost 7 lbs. in one week just from increasing his water intake!!  Albeit, his weight was 358lbs. but the first few days he increased his water intake he lost 7 lbs.  Granted he had to make 6 trips to the bathroom every night he slept – but the result was it boosted his weight loss efforts.  Who doesn’t want that?

So how are you going to drink water to lose weight?


This is the thing – people know what they NEED to do but they often don’t have a way to ACTUALLY accomplish the mission.


This is what I do to make it easy.  I use one of these types of 20 oz. cups:

Then I make sure I drink 3 of them a day!!! Whew!! In the beginning there were many trips to the bathroom!!

If you weight 200 lbs. you will need to drink 5 cups full per day (if the cup = 20 oz.).

 This is a simple way for you to reach your goal of drinking water to lose weight.  If you just estimate how many glasses you drink – sometimes you don’t know if the glasses held 8 oz. Or 12 oz. and then you may lose track of how many glasses you drank.

 So make it simple!!!

 Another way is to buy a big 64 oz. jug like this one:

A 64 ounce jug would be sufficient for a 124 lb. person but if you weigh twice this amount at 244 lbs. you would need to drink TWICE the amount.

How do you know when you are well hydrated?  Simple!!  Your urine will be clear in color.  Any hint of yellow or orange is a sign of dehydration.

Start today by drinking water to lose weight!!

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