#1 Quick Weight Loss Tip

My sure fire tip.......is this......to STOP LOOKING FOR A QUICK WEIGHT LOSS TIP !!!  

Sorry, I didn’t mean to burst your bubble or be sarcastic and I am not going to leave you entirely heartbroken because I am going to give you a tip…..in a moment.

But first understand that we are a society full of diet hoppers, yo-yo dieters and instant gratification seekers.

We are all looking for the magic pill or potion without understanding the ramifications of some of these attempts. 

We have the “it’s not working” mentality when we get fed up, frustrated and discouraged by the lack of progress.

Then we are off to the next program, shake, detox, workout, trainer or formula to help us shed the pounds when in reality all we are losing is time and lots of money in the process.

I like to call it “Diet A.D.D”  

Quick Weight Loss Tip or "Diet A.D.D."?

So instead of saying “it’s not working” we can instead learn to understand that WE DON’T KNOW HOW TO WORK THE DIET.

Think about it for a minute.  We have all started a new diet and maybe it was successful for the first week or two. 

Then…..the dreaded plateau hit. 

Discouragement….frustration….disbelief….disappointment set in.

But for many women we talk ourselves out of it and PRESS ON.

Maybe we have a cheat meal….or snack….or day…..or whole weekend.

But we get back on the horse and try, try again.

And a pound or two come off…..and again.  STUCK.

Let me ask you this.

Let’s say the diet was a mouse trap.  Yes, an actual mousetrap.

You have a mouse loose in your house and you set a trap to catch it.

But no luck.  The trap is still empty and there is a still a mouse in the house.

Do you go buy 5 more of the exact same mousetrap?  No.  That would be INSANITY.

Maybe you would try a different trap, a different method or you might even hire an exterminator.

But what do we do when trying to lose weight?  We do the same thing again and again while expecting a different result.

INSANITY if you ask me.

Learn to do a Metabolic 180

So the Quick Weight Loss Tip is to learn how to manipulate your diet so you can then stay ahead of the curve of your ever adapting metabolism.

What can you do to “outsmart” your metabolism?

Quick Weight Loss Tip #1       

Do a Metabolic 180.

If you have been doing low carb – go high carb for a few days then go back to low carb.  Don’t gorge on the carbs and keep them to SMART carbs that have little to no added sugar such as oatmeal, sweet potato, butternut squash, whole wheat pancakes.  The carbs are like adding firewood to a fire that is burning out.  It will help rev-up your metabolism a bit so when you return to a low carb state you can continue to lose.


Or you can change the calorie intake.  One of my clients, Lori did this SO WELL she manipulated her calorie intake down to a tune of 20lbs. in about 3-4 months.  When her weight loss slowed down we increasing the calorie intake by about 300 calories then she even lost a pound or two.  We stayed at that intake for about a week then went back down 300 calories.  This helped her continue to lose until she lost 20lbs. 


Change how many meals you eat in a day.  If you normally eat 2 meals a day – make it 5 mini meals.  If you normally eat 5-6 mini meals then aim for 2 or 3 meals per day.  Now calorie intake can stay the same or you can change it.  This depends on each person’s individual circumstance and metabolism.


You can also change your meal window.  This means that if you normally eat from 6am to 9pm at night then change that time frame and have your first meal at 8am and stop eating at 6pm.  This will give your body 14 hours to fast overnight and it will have an effect on your metabolism. 


**Do not change all things at one time.  This will not result in a more dramatic weight loss.  Change one thing at a time – be consistent – track it – assess if it works

If you are successful then stick with it until your metabolism FINDS WHERE YOU ARE AT.  Then….change it again.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #2  

Know Your Fat Loss Blocker

If these strategies above do not work and you really have tried this technique then you should look into what may be blocking you from losing fat.  The main culprits are thyroid, cortisol, blood sugar and digestive issues.  Using a functional practitioner to assess these areas can help pinpoint where the issue is.  But above all – be patient and learn to find out WHY your body cannot lose weight rather than jumping from one program to the next in hopes of dropping a few more pounds.

Well I guess in the end I did give you a "quick weight loss tip" but instead consider it advice so you can avoid the temporary "tips" and instead learn what it takes to set your metabolic thermostat and find out how your body loses weight best FOR YOU.


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