About Jennifer

Hi there!!!!  

I am SO excited that you are here because you and I are A GREAT match.

Most likely you are having some issues with your weight, right?

Well.........I coach and serve women who cannot figure out why they are not losing weight even though they are doing EVERYTHING right......ESPECIALLY perimenopausal and menopausal women.  (That's my specialty). 

I show them how to resolve the MOST DIFFICULT weight loss resistance issues and yo-yo dieting ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

I guess you can say I am your fat loss researcher, detective and ULTIMATELY the one who can figure out why NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO you are not losing weight.

I'm addicted to school and I hold a dual Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Level Education. 

That wasn’t enough so I decided to get trained and become certified as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.

Then I felt I STILL have more to learn so I continue to take additional courses at the Master’s Degree level in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

Oh….I forgot….I am also a Certified Personal Trainer as well!!!

Why do I keep learning? 

Because I want to be able to help every woman to resolve their weight loss resistance issues.

My Story

From a young age, I always loved to cook.  I experimented and fed my creations to my dad - who, God Bless, ate whatever I put in front of him.  One summer, I must have made 12 lemon meringue pies as I was obsessed with making the perfect meringue.  As much as I loved to cook....I also loved to eat.  

Although I always kept my weight within a reason.....I realized I couldn't keep eating all the good food I was making without the effects of weight gain so I started getting into training.  I guess I was about 24 years old at that time (which was 18 years ago…..do the math).  I fell in love with weight training at a time when weight training wasn't very popular for women.  I remember the many times I was the only female in the "serious" weight training section of the gym.

Here's a pic of me before training days :-)

But even though I was able to get fit....I still had a lot of food issues.  Moments of compulsive/binge eating followed by long periods of restricting.  The restricting usually came about during times of high stress and turmoil in my life.....sometimes to the point of losing 25lbs. leaving me at 104 pounds. 

Not very healthy on a 5'4 1/2 inch frame!!  

Then when the stress relieved .... I would overeat (I still have a hard time calling it binging).  And I went through this cycle many times in my life.  I was an emotional eater for certain....still am.....but like I said, with a lot of work I straightened things out.

And here's me - post training and post some very difficult times in my life.  That's my baby girl - Angelina.

This picture above is me at 38 years old......after many years in Al-Anon (a twelve step program for spouses and children of alcoholics) and a sound education in Functional Wellness - I know and understand the many dynamics that influence weight.  

This is when my weight finally stabilized and I never lost and gained 30 lbs. again.  

Eventually I found myself training others while working in a YMCA Wellness Department before starting my own business.  I worked there for about 3 years before starting my own holistic fitness studio……and eventually this website. 

When I am not training and coaching my 60-70 private clients weekly and creating awesome online programs and courses for my distance clients I am usually:

·         Immersed in some book or study related to functional medicine or weight loss resistance or hormone imbalances (this drives my husband NUTS because I have my head in my tablet CONSTANTLY).

·         Doing fun stuff with my 11 year old daughter, Angelina!! We like to go get mani/pedi’s, visit Hollister or American Eagle, playing soccer or taking our 2 dogs Gracie and Charlie for a walk.

·         Or I am spending time with my husband Eddie.  We are pretty big movie buffs and love spending time just CHILLING OUT!!

·         Heading off to one of my daughter’s soccer games….I just LOVE watching her skills improve year after year and I absolutely LOVE watching her confident levels rise when she has an AWESOME game.

·         Or I love to cook in my spare time and creating some new healthy recipe that my family rolls their eyes at….LOL….but I know deep down they appreciate my efforts in keeping them healthy.

If you’d like to know MORE, here are 10 things you don’t know about me…..

·         I have a CRAZY sugar addiction that I need to keep in check AT ALL TIMES

·         When cooking I do most everything with a fork!!! I mean….we really don’t need all these crazy gadgets!!!

·         I was a professional flutist before I found my way into fitness.  I was in a car accident when I was in my late 20’s that pretty much ended my career but I LOVED teaching flute lessons….and fortunately I found another passion in health and wellness that now fulfills my love of teaching so I can help others improve their lives and bring them true happiness.

·         I hate cardio……I do it because it’s SOOO important for our cellular function….but the truth is I REALLY DON’T LIKE IT!!!

·         I LOVE finance…..topics on finance fascinate me…..have no idea where that comes from or why?

·         I am LOUSY at decorating!!! My husband is the creative one……me?  It’s embarrassing….I can’t even sew a button!!!

·         My daughter says I need to go on that show “What Not to Wear” because all I wear is workout/yoga type clothes.

·         I love to travel but I don’t do it NEARLY enough!!

·         I’m somewhat of a work-a-holic …..if you haven’t guessed that already.

·         Lastly…..I’d love to meet the Long Island Medium one day!!! 



As your weight loss coach, I am excited to be part of your future success!

Let 's get to work!!


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