Need Help Losing Weight? Facts and Tips to Help You

If you need help losing weight, learn to apply tips and facts to your personal situation to achieve weight loss success while still keeping within your budget.

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What is Holding You Back?

Losing weight is not easy and often there are barriers to weight loss that goes way beyond calories in and calories out.  There is so much conflicting information out there that it can be so confusing and you are probably spinning your wheels going nowhere fast!

In Facts and Tips I will help you sort through the tons of weight loss information out there and help simplify the process so you don’t waste time OR money. 

  • How many times have you bought some new fat burning supplement only to have it do nothing but make you jittery?
  • Or maybe you have spent money on the newest fad diet book only to find them to be unrealistic?
  • Possibly you tried some weight loss program that put EVERYONE on the same 1200 calorie diet only to find yourself tired, hungry and FED UP!!
  • Maybe you tried some new type of workout program which made you sore – in ALL THE WRONG PLACES?

Need Help Losing Weight?
Know the Facts!!

The weight loss industry knows that people need help losing weight and are desperate for the pounds to come off so they know that they have a good shot at you trying their product – but how do you know if their product will actually help you? 

Some things work – but not for everyone – so how do you know if it is a good match for YOUR issue? 

Simple!! I am going to sort ALL that stuff out for you and help clear up all those misconceptions.

Here in Facts and Tips we’ll talk about:

  • What calories REALLY mean and how to find the right calorie range for you
  • Other barriers to weight loss (and I’m not talking just about having a slow thyroid)
  • What fasting and calorie deficits really do to your body
  • What cravings really mean
  • How your body type affects how you lose weight
  • What the scale number REALLY tells you
  • And much, MUCH more!!!!

Look, if weight loss were simple there wouldn’t be all these diets, clinics, programs, supplements, etc.  So don’t beat yourself up because you can’t seem to make things happen the way you want – instead get as educated as you can about weight loss, nutrition and fitness.  Most likely, if it sounds too good to be true – it is. 

So read what is here in these pages and get the truth about what it takes to lose weight – and it ain’t about starving yourself!!!

Weight LossSuccess

What you WON’T find here are:

    Crazy fad diets
  • Tips suggesting you eliminate a whole major macronutrient
  • Extreme low calorie diets
  • And no crazy supplements that state you don’t have to change ANYTHING but you can still lose weight

These things stated above NEVER work for the long term and if there is one thing that bugs me are those radical diet approaches that winds up getting people into trouble and then they wind up in my studio where I have to UNDO lots of damage to their metabolism.

And I RARELY if EVER endorse any supplements, magic potions, rare “berries” or any other form of hocus pocus that claims to make you lose weight.  What I do support is what has been placed on our planet in the form it was created- can’t go wrong with God’s foods!!!

So  if you need help losing weight then take a look, read and learn!!!  Then CONQUER!!!

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