Why Can't I Lose Weight?
Try Coaching

Do you wonder "Why can't I lose weight?"

I teach people how to lose weight and have complete control over their weight – part by science and part by mindset.  Both are equally important when trying to achieve the body you want.  I have found that many people have the “science” part all mixed up and then when they try repeatedly to lose weight their mindset is affected.

So when you wonder "Why can't I lose weight?" maybe weight loss coaching through an online fitness program is just what you need.

Why Can't I Lose Weight?
Learn to Lose Weight with a
Online Fitness Program 
and Nutrition Program

What does coaching involve?

Well I’m glad you asked!!

Coaching is a very individual process and is tailored to the client and their goals. 

I help to sort through the science so you don’t spin your wheels.

I get you to re-focus so your mindset stays positive and clear.

I help you learn to lose weight by identifying true road blocks – such as time management issues, lack of organization, limited self beliefs, consistency issues, dealing with “sabatogers”, boundary issues, etc.

Maybe you are not losing weight and hit weight loss plateau and cannot figure out why the weight is not budging.

Many people’s issues have more to do with the issues listed above than they do with the actual food part.

Granted, the food part is confusing but most people know what is good to eat – but maybe they have trouble organizing a menu that is realistic.

Maybe they have a hard time figuring out the time to get all the food together – which leaves a feeling of being completely overwhelmed and then paralysis sets it and nothing gets done.

Some people don’t realize how many excuses and justifications they make – and just need someone to hold them accountable to their actions so they can learn to lose weight effectively.

I have been on both sides – I have BEEN coached and I have coached many.

I can honestly say that being coached is serious work and is only for those who are truly ready to do the work.  But the outcome……well, it can be life changing. 

I have seen women come in for weight loss coaching and leave truly transforming not only their bodies but their minds and lives.



Is coaching for you?

Good question!!! But, I don’t know.  That’s what the form is for below….it will help me to see if you are a good candidate for my services and if we are a good match.  If I feel like we are a good match I will contact you to set up an initial consultation.

I can honestly say that being coached is serious work and is only for those who are truly ready to do the work.  But the outcome……well, it can be life changing. 

I have seen women come in for weight loss coaching and leave truly transforming not only their bodies but their minds and lives.

OK…then what?

If you apply for coaching and I feel we are a good match then we set up your initial consultation and I learn the ins and outs about you and what makes you unique so I can develop a program and approach that is UNIQUE to you.  Then we can begin you journey to being strong, healthy, happy, confident and not to mention…..looking pretty awesome!!

What else do I get?

Well for one….you get OVERWHELMING SUPPORT through weekly email updates and weekly webinar q&a and a group email support network.

You also get access to my personal exercise database not available unless you are a coaching client.  Here I explain how to REALLY do exercises properly so you are absolutely sure you are doing it correctly.  Wouldn’t it stink to be doing squats for years only to find out that your form was ineffective and therefore the overall effectiveness of your exercise was limited?  It happens…..more often than you realize.

And….you get training programs written specifically for you.  This is not some mass marketed training program with a one size fits all approach.  Everyone is different and has different strengths and weaknesses – and these issues need to be addressed in order for training to be effective.

Lastly….you get ACCOUNTABILITY.  I am on your tail….asking questions, taking away excuses and keeping your mind set straight on this journey. 

Can I come see you in person?

Well yes!! If you live in my area I do train people in person.  Space again is limited since I maintain a limited number of "in-person" clients.  But if you live in Holly Springs, North Carolina as well as Apex, Cary, Fuquay-Varina and surrounding areas feel free to come see me!!

Training rates do differ for in person training/coaching.

Why can’t I just do this on my own?

Well, to be honest….if you could have you would have already!!  Plus, by the time you go back and forth trying to figure out what you need to do first, researching all the chaos out there trying to pick a “diet” and wasting your money on some useless supplement – you could have signed up for online coaching starting at as little as $47 per month!! One bottle of some Gogi Berry fat loss pill and the latest Shake Belt costs more than that.  Most gym memberships costs that much…..but that’s all you get – a membership.  You don’t get personalized guidance, individual support and the expertise of helping 347 people lose weight (to be exact on 8/11/14).

What is the difference between a coach and a personal fitness trainer?

Well, although I am a certified personal fitness trainer and AASDN certified nutrition specialist, I have found that people need a lot more than just an hour of training once or twice a week.  They need a coach or “sponsor” to be the voice inside their head slowly helping them change the way they think.


It takes a special person to walk this walk.  Like I said, I have been coached and it is an experience that brings out your flaws while exposing your strengths.  It’s humbling and it’s powerful.  But truth be told….if it were easy to lose weight everyone would be doing it.

So if you are the type that likes a challenge and is ready to step up to the plate then I can show you how to do this.  But if you are not ready to give 100% maybe this is not the right time for you.


Fill out the form below and click “apply for my consultation call” and I will be in touch within 48hrs.

Please note:  Due to high demand not everyone will be accepted for a consultation.  I pride myself on serving my clients to my fullest and I do limit my availability so I can focus on them so they can meet their goals.  Therefore, I am unable to take on everyone but I will be in touch either way.


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