Diet Plans for Weight Loss
Vs. Short-Term Diet Scams

Are you confused by all the diet plans for weight loss out there?

Are you at your wits end?

Have you dieted in the past and maybe lost weight only to gain it back? Plus some?

Which is best? 

UGGHH!!!! Weight loss is so ………… COMPLICATED!!

With so many different diet plans for weight loss available, it can be extremely overwhelming for many people. Diet plans come in all shapes, sizes, theories and approaches which can leave us feeling:

  • Bewildered
  • Overwhelmed
  • Doubtful
  • AND desperate

After all……all you want is to find a plan that will FINALLY give you the result you have been wanting – WEIGHT LOSS!!

diet plans for weight los

The weight loss industry is one of the largest industries in our country and I often wonder if the industry is harming us more than helping us.

For years we have heard so many conflicting theories about diet plans for weight loss:

  • Do we choose a low fat or low carbohydrate diet?
  • Or do we do the South Beach diet or the Atkins diet?
  • Or maybe we should choose a “program” - after all that sounds different than a “diet” and different is good, right?
  • Maybe it’s the Jenny Craig program or the Weight Watchers program?
  • Oh wait…..a “challenge” sounds good. Once we conquer a “challenge” then we have the solution to our weight woes. We can do the Body by Vii 90 day challenge or the P90x challenge or the Herbalife challenge.
  • Or do we join some “club” like diet and go PALEO……and eat like our ancestors.  That sounds like FUN!!!

JEEZ!! No wonder it’s so CONFUSING!!!!


Diet Plans for Weight Loss or Just
Another Fad?

But….it’s no wonder why we fail.  I don’t know about you but I can’t commit to ONE diet plan for weight loss for the rest of my life.

  • I can’t abstain from dairy forever.
  • I can’t avoid carbs forever.
  • I don’t want to eat ONLY protein for weeks on end.
  • And I don’t want to count POINTS.
  • Shakes as a meal replacement??? Ummmmm…… I could do that for about a day and a half.  Maybe longer if I just had my tonsils removed.


I bet you are waiting for some BIG SURPRISE right about now…… because I have a new diet plan just for YOU!!!

frustrated womn on a diet

Well….I hate to break it to you but I don’t have a magic solution NOR do I have some magic pill or powder to help you lose weight.

Why?  Well – there are many reasons but the main reason is:




And here is some more confusing news…….


But they don’t work all the time. There are reasons why but I’ll get into that later.

Let's make sense out of it all!!!



It's simple.



But if you need specifics:

While this diet plans for weight loss list above is by no means conclusive - it is a good start.  There are some "grey areas" such as products like Isagenix.  

I am not a proponent of supporting any Multi Level Marketing program AT ALL because the problem I have with many of these products is that their clinical studies that are done on the products which are often studies paid for by Isagenix itself. 

Going from one low calorie diet to another low calorie diet isn't going to create any magical results on the scale.  

I have clients who have tried Isagenix and other products like it only to lose the same amount of weight that has been lost on a whole foods diet.

Do you have Diet A.D.D.?

Most people plateau even with the best nutrition program.  But this is often when people are looking for the "next best thing" in order to get that scale to drop a few pounds.

It's like being distracted by shiny objects or a tweet or a text on your phone!!


And instead.....learn how to keep your metabolism moving.

Remember, your body is ALWAYS going to want to find homeostasis.  Another words, it is going to want to SURVIVE and preserve fat.  It does not know you have 20, 30, 50+ pounds to lose.  All it knows is it is sensing a deficit and it's doing what it is meant to do - SURVIVE A FAMINE.  

Using techniques like:

  • Calorie cycling
  • Switching up the number of meals per day (if you normally eat 3 - then try 6 mini meals or vice versa)
  • Changing your eating window (if you normally eat from 6am until 10PM at night then change the window from 8am and stop eating at 7pm - which allows for a longer window of fasting which improves insulin sensitivity). 
  • Increasing or decreasing carb intake.  Yes....INCREASING your carbs can help.  Think of carbs like wood on a fire.  When the fire is burning out - you add some wood.  Carbs do the same to your metabolism.

Although this is a simplistic explanation and really warrants a more in-depth explanation it does the job for now.


If all else fails and you have TRULY created a calorie deficit, have tried the techniques above and have stuck to whole foods diet plans for weight loss then it make be time to look into some imbalances that may be occurring which is blocking fat loss.

Or sign up for my FREE TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE which tells you the 5 HUGE REASONS why women struggle to lose weight and what to do about it.

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