A Free Online Diet Plan That Is Healthy and Effective!!

Are you looking for the best free online diet plan? 

That actually works?

That is effective?

And most importantly……is HEALTHY.

I use this weight loss plan with my clients all the time when they need to get off a plateau or when they need to clear all the junk and crap out of their system so they can start on a fat loss plan.


I'll be honest - this free online diet plan isn't something that I wrote but it is something that is free and it's legit and safe.


Many of you have heard of Dr. Mark Hyman, I'm sure. 


And for those of you that haven't - I HIGHLY suggest you get to understand his philosophy about weight loss.

Free Online Diet Plan
Ultra Simple

The Ultra Simple Diet by Dr. Mark Hyman is a whole foods type detox that meets my requirements:


  • It is whole food based (no crazy shake formulas that you have to buy from a particular company because on that company has the SECRET formula - sorry…this is a red flag!!!)
  • It includes all three major macronutrients (it does not eliminate carbs or something crazy like that - any diet that has you eliminate carbs you need to run fast….in the other direction).
  • It emphasizes supplements that are effective but it does not REQUIRE you to use the supplements (it clearly states that you do not need to use the supplements but you can enhance the effect if you incorporate the supplements - plus you can get those recommended supplements from any source).
  • It can be budget friendly (you can adjust it to your budget and the food staples really are inexpensive since the protein amounts are reasonable).
  • You can get by without purchasing the actual book (just use this PDF and feel free to email me with any questions if you don't want to buy the actual book).


Most diets that promise a weight loss of 5+ pounds per week are usually extreme low calorie which just lowers your metabolism.  This free online diet program focuses instead on cleansing the liver so your body can effectively metabolize body fat and lose weight in a week.  If your liver is overwhelmed with trying to process substances that overburden the liver  (sugar, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten, etc.)  - it CANNOT do its job - which is to process body fat. 


Then when you go back to eating normally you gain 5 lbs. in no time.


This happens ALL THE TIME.


The Ultra Simple Diet and Companion PDF IS NOT a low calorie diet but instead focuses on the foods that your body needs to even ALLOW your body to let go of fat.

The Ultra Simple Diet Companion is a  free online diet plan that eliminates the foods that cause inflammation which in turn causes bloat and weight gain.

Certain factors such as:

  • Malnutrition - vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • External and Internal toxins such as gut issues, chemicals from household products, cosmetics, food additives, pollutants, etc.
  • Infections due to gut issues, periodontal disease, etc.
  • Allergens due to pollen, dust, animal dander and fool allergies such as corn, wheat, dairy, peanuts, citrus, gluten and yeast and eggs in some individuals.
  • Insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome
  • Stress - oxidative, physical and psychological


All of these issues listed above can cause weight gain or HALT weight loss.  These issues are very real when it comes to preventing weight loss.

In fact, many times I start my clients on this 7 day diet plan and if anything - I adjust their caloric intake depending on their circumstance and then use this exact plan suited to their metabolic needs.  If you use this free online diet plan correctly you will be successful and lose weight in a week. In fact,  it's almost impossible to NOT be successful on this plan if you follow it exactly.


The basic foods needed in the beginning are:


  • Brown Rice - which is super inexpensive
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • Some fruits but not that many.
  • Lots of vegetables - but you can use frozen too.
  • Vegetable broth - you can make your own or purchase a organic brand such as this one.
  • 1 serving of protein per day (4-6 oz.) - and that's not expensive.  Proteins are limited to certain fishes, turkey and chicken (organic if possible, but not required if your budget does not allow it).
  • A rice based or plant based protein powder
  • Nut butters
  • Flaxseed oil and/or ground flaxseed
  • Lemons
  • Olive Oil


I bought these ingredients for a client who was starting on this detox - I think the total of all the food budget was less than $40 and even this amount can be less money depending on the veggies you decide to purchase.

My client was then free to purchase the supplements that fit her budget.


The supplements Dr. Hyman suggests using:


So if you are looking for an EFFECTIVE and SAFE free online diet plan - check out the Ultra-Simple Companion which is a PDF for the Ultra Simple Diet book by Dr. Mark Hyman.

This is honestly the BEST free online diet plan you can start off with to lose weight in a week.


The biggest problem most people have with this detox is:

  • Getting easily overwhelmed- so if you do just shoot me an email and I will help simplify it for you.
  • Difficulty getting organized- so if you need help organizing your meals and you need preparation tips - shoot me an email…..it will help you out a lot. Promise.
  • They need more vegetable suggestions - so let me know and I can give you some other ideas.
  • You are unclear about how much you should be eating and how many calories your should aim for - this all depends on your CURRENT METABOLISM.  If you have been in a diet deficit for a LONG TIME (longer than 12 weeks) you will need to handle this a bit differently.  So if you aren't sure…..again….shoot me an email.
  •  Difficulty committing for at least a week - so if you have commitment and follow through issues (which is why MOST people fail at diets…..let me know and I can give you a different perspective on that to get you through this 7 day diet plan.


Try this free online diet plan and PLEASE let me know how it goes for you. 


I promise….if you stick with it you WILL NOT be disappointed and you can lose weight in a week.


As you get to know me a bit more through my website - you will see that I am somewhat of an "anti-supplement and anti-diet industry" voice.  I think the weight loss industry is somewhat predatory and the financial gains are huge for fast promises and little result. 


I promise to steer you away from anything predatory - so you can keep your cash and still lose weight.

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