Healthy Recipes on a Budget Made Easy

Are you looking for healthy recipes on a budget that are realistic and that work – so you can finally lose weight, stop cravings, get healthy AND stay within your budget?

Well if you are sick and tired of:

  • Not knowing what to eat for breakfast
  • Boring lunches that leave you craving more
  • The high price of organic or “healthy” foods
  • Lengthy recipes that look like an essay paper with foreign sounding ingredients
  • Running out of dinner ideas
  • Having to cook “your” meals and separate meals for your family
  • Depriving yourself of dessert
  • Being utterly confused about what you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT eat

Well, I can say I had the same struggle.  I can remember when my life changed drastically and I was eating fast food, packaged foods or worse yet……no food. 

After 5 years of marriage and being a stay at home mother I found myself as a single mother working full time and a part time job.  Long story short, life changed and I learned MANY lessons – about time, coping, planning, focus and life.

What was more ironic was I worked as a Wellness Coach at a local YMCA and preached healthy eating but was finding that I was having a hard time practicing what I preached.

I had little time to prepare healthy meals and limited funds to purchase healthy, whole foods.  And time to work out??  Ha!!! There was little of that too.  In the past I had 2 hour leisurely workouts… I barely had 30 minutes.  You can read more about my 20-40 minutes workouts under Frugal Fitness…..but for now let’s stick to nutrition.

So I knew what to eat and how to work out – but I didn’t have the time and didn’t always have the money to make it happen.

But I couldn’t talk the talk……and not walk the walk.

I couldn’t preach but not actually practice it.

Are Healthy Recipes on a
Budget Possible?


Healthy Recipes on a Budget looks like this:

  • No more complicated recipes – just 5 MAIN INGREDIENTS OR LESS!!!
  • No more cooking for every meal – I’ll show you how to prepare once but have multiple, different meals.
  • No more wasting money on foods – finally know how to shop for food and save money.
  • Learn what foods should ALWAYS be in your healthy pantry and how to buy them for less.
  • Discover foods to eat so you don’t feel hungry – hunger often can be a sign of nutrient deficiency.
  • Which foods to buy generic, which to buy in bulk and which you should buy organic
  • Family friendly foods that are healthy and convenient

You will now have a
PLAN to succeed – because after all,

After being challenged with LIFE and realizing that I can no longer “wing it” I had to make a plan.  Take it from me.....this is KEY to success.  Don’t allow yourself to be caught off guard when it comes to your nutrition.

So take a look throughout Healthy Recipes on a Budget and you’ll find meals made with things like this.....

Look at all this I bought at a Farmer’s Market!!!!

1 lb. of string beans, 1 lb. of zucchini, 1 lb. of cucumbers, 4 red peppers.

Total cost: $4.20

Lastly,  It doesn’t cost much to give your body what it REALLY needs…FACT!!  I am short – 5’4” and to maintain my weight I can consume about 1800kcal per day.  If I consume more calories I gain weight….FACT!!  If I consume junk, empty calories I gain weight AND feel lousy.  FACT!!  I know, everybody hates to hear it…..but calories do count.  Quality calories are ALWAYS more important that empty calories.  So check out my recipes and see how when eating within YOUR CALORIE BUDGET you will save money.  And if you eat right…….you will not want.  FACT!!  So if you crave foods and always feel hungry go to my FACTS and TIPS page to find out why you crave foods and how to eat so you are satisfied.

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