Foods To Lose Weight for Under $35 a Week

What foods to lose weight do you see when you look in your refrigerator or pantry?  If it looks anything like this:

unhealthy pantry

….not very appetizing!!!!

So…..Lizzy calls the local Chinese delivery place and orders…..lo mein and General Tsao’s chicken. 

 As you see, this is many people’s normal lifestyle…..they are just getting by.  They are what I call “defensive eaters” – people who let the day control them and they are not in control of the day.

Now, let’s say Lizzy has these foods in her fridge? 

Not only will she have a chance at losing weight…..but she will also save money.  Why?  These foods to lose weight listed below cost less than $35 while takeout and Cliff bars can easily cost more.

Now the key is to get organized enough to prepare these foods….but we will get to that soon.  First, let’s take a look at the MUST HAVE foods to for success in your pantry and refrigerator so you are never left eating on the defense.

  • Beans, dried or canned: about $1.98 for dried beans
  • Eggs –  $1.98 for a dozen
  • Whole Wheat Pasta - $2.39 for 16 oz.
  • Brown Rice - $2.75 for a 16 oz. bag
  • Oats - $3.18 for 42 oz.
  • Boneless, skinless, frozen chicken breast - $6.98 for 3 lbs.
  • Yams or Sweet Potatoes - $2.98 for a 3lb. bag
  • In season veggies – prices vary from
  • Frozen Fruit - $2.38-$3.88 for a 1 lb. bag
  • Unsweetened Almond or Rice Milk - $2.98 per

Now this list is not the CHEAPEST FOODS…..but instead….it’s affordable foods to lose weight that are staples when you are “dieting” ;-) ….or making “changes”.

Best yet, these foods are versatile and you can create so many different recipes with each of these ingredients and literally feed yourself all week without ever repeating the same meal.

With these foods to lose weight there are numerous meal opportunities!!!!

I LOVE warm oatmeal with berries.  I cook it in 1/2 c. water and 1/2 c. coconut milk for a creamy texture then season and add berries!!

I like to keep a brown "fried" rice dish in my fridge so I have something ready to go.  I use it as a side dish or I use it in a wrap or I add it to soup :-)

Or how about an egg white "plate" with a fresh salad and roasted peppers on top?

Maybe some Braised Baby Bok Choy - super simple to make!!

Make a meal with Brown Rice Stuffed Tomatoes:-) black beans and summer squash.

With these foods you'll always have a healthy lunch on hand with Grilled Chicken, Sweet Potato wedges and Broccoli Rabe

There are so many different options for meals with just these few foods – and they are KEY foods used by the people who are the best at losing fat – bodybuilders.  No joke!!! Ever see a bodybuilders diet?

It consists of brown rice, veggies, chicken, eggs, oatmeal, beans, whole grain pasta, protein powder and milk/almond milk.

Not only that….many of these foods to lose weight listed above are used in many of the most popular Detox Diets such as this detox diet which is extremely effective at getting your body in a place where it is ready to lose weight. 

Detoxing…..that’s another whole ball of wax.  Is it necessary?  Is it a bunch of hocus pocus?  It depends ..... and knowing what to look for in a detox diet is key.

Now, don’t ever again go without these main staples in your kitchen.  The hardest part of it is knowing how to cook these foods to lose weight easily and without a ton of ingredients, have the foods prepared and then implement them into your day.

Cliff bars and all that stuff should consist of 10% of your diet…..the rest should be good old fashioned WHOLE FOODS to lose weight.

Not to mention….the process of cooking actually helps you burn more calories by adding more "NEPA" (non-exercise physical activity) to your day which actually burns more calories!!  A win-win in my book!!


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