Do Probiotics Work? Are They Worth The Money?

Do probiotics work? There are very few supplements I "believe" in.  I mean - have you been in GNC lately or Vitamin Shop?  It's wall to wall supplements promising one fix after another.  One thing is for sure - the supplement industry is a big money making industry.  We are always looking for a quick fix to our ills -- and the first place we look is pills!!!

But probiotics are definitely something that we all should be taking.  Gut health is very important for effective weight loss.  Without a good gut - weight loss can be extremely challenging. 

 Do probiotics work for those struggling with:

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Diverticular Disease
  • Diarrhea caused by antibiotics
  • Vaginal bacterial infections
  • Cholesterol lowering
  • Anxiety
  • Mastitis from breast feeding
  • Weight loss

YES!!! Read on to see how do probiotics work :-)

How do probiotics work to help weight loss?

A study in Canada was done and the results showed that there was a greater decrease in body weight and body fat in women who were taking a probiotic than those taking a placebo during the 12 week study.  In fact, the women taking the probiotic continued to lose more weight on average compared to those who used the placebo.

Do probiotics work to reduce belly fat?

Now don't we all wish there was a pill for that!! But in this case, yes, probiotics do work to reduce abdominal visceral fat.  Abdominal visceral fat is the fat that is gained under the stomach muscles rather than the squishy kind (subcutaneous fat) that is right underneath the first layer of skin. 

How do probiotics work to get rid of my belly?

Well, studies show that belly fat is directly linked to the stress hormone called "cortisol".  Too much cortisol = too much belly fat.  Probiotics do help your gut which has shown to also help your mood, depression, anxiety, etc. which can make cortisol levels worse.  So….it begins with your gut.  If your gut is unhealthy….it affects your mental state and your mind….which affects your hormones (cortisol) which affects your waistline.   This is a very simplified explanation of a very complex study from the British Journal of Nutrition.

But if you have thought about using probiotics you may have noticed that there are TONS of different kinds on the market and the prices range from reasonable to extremely expensive!!

I've seen some probiotics cost anywhere from $9.00 - $75.00!!  I mean that’s a pretty big range!!

So what is the best probiotic? What should you be looking for?

Studies showed that finding a product with 100 billion cells helped the most with subcutaneous fat loss (that squishy fat around the middle of your stomach).  Another study found that a probiotic with 162+million cells helped in weight loss in obese women if a pre-biotic was also used.   

Is it absolutely necessary to have 100 billion cells in the product I choose? 

No.  It is suggested that there are at least 1 billion-10 billion cells per day for the product to be effective. 

So what is the best probiotic
for your budget?

I like to use for my supplement info.  They are a non-biased company that is not affiliated with any particular supplement company (another words - there is no incentive to sell a particular product because they receive a kickback).   

(This product contains milk but is wheat, gluten and yeast free)

$16.89/90 Capsules

1 capsule daily


(This product contains milk but is suitable for vegetarians)

$16.07/60 capsules

1-4 capsules daily


(Contains no dairy)

$14.99/30 capsules ( I have seen it as low as $9.99)

1 capsule daily


(Contains Milk but it does not contain dairy, yeast or wheat)

$12.43/30 capsules

1 capsule daily


(Does not contain milk or wheat)

$8.99/60 caps

1-3 capsules daily


(Does not contain milk, wheat, gluten or yeast)

$11.99/120 capsules

2 capsules daily


(Does not contain dairy, wheat or gluten)

$19.54/30 capsules

1 daily


(Does not contain wheat, gluten or yeast)

$11.99 -17.99/30 capsules

1 capsule daily


$16.99/30 capsules

1 capsule daily


(Does not contain dairy, wheat, yeast or gluten)

$4.94/30 capsules

1 daily


(Contains Milk)

$16.99/30 capsules

1 capsule daily

These options are VERY affordable and effective.  Funny things.....people will make sure they have their Prilosec or Zantac on hand when they are feeling stomach discomfort and pain....but they somehow justify putting the GOOD STUFF in their bodies because it's an extra expense.  Doesn't make sense?

Prevention = healthy = fit = strong.

Need I say more?


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