My Doctor Never Told Me This!

I get this a lot.

My Doctor Never Told Me This!

I'll tell you why.

When I begin to work with a client I want to know everything about them.  I want to know:

  • how they are sleeping
  • how they function throughout the day
  • what their level of stress is
  • if their cycles are regular
  • if they have tried losing weight in the past
  • if they are in a calorie deficit and for how long
  • if they have anxiety
  • if they have digestive issues
  • if they are fatigued throughout the day
  • if they have cravings and what for


I want to know all of this and more.




Because they come to me wanting to lose weight because they haven’t been able to do it on their own.


And because I also know that if everything were working well for them – they wouldn’t be having a problem with weight in the first place.


It is my belief and experience that with the 400+ women I have worked with – most of them have issues and dysfunction that go much deeper than the extra 10, 15, 25, 50 or 100lbs. they are carrying.  The weight is usually just the tip of the iceberg.


It has also been my experience that women have a much harder time losing weight NORMALLY than do men. 


I have seen women do everything PERFECTLY and not be able to shed a pound. 


I have seen women exercise DAILY and the scale does not budge.


I have seen women participate in Triathlons, Marathons and Mud Runs and still struggle with the tire around the middle.


I have seen women eat a 1200 calorie a day diet and the scale GOES UP.


So here is a common story/scenario I have heard from more than a few of my clients:


The client tells me that she has gone to the doctor with complaints of fatigue, inability to sleep, anxiety, stress and inability to lose weight.


She is met with a response from the doctor that “all women are always complaining about their inability to lose weight.  All you need to do is reduce your calories and go running.”


The client, frustrated, tells me that not only is she reducing her calories and working out 3-4 days per week and cannot lose a pound – but she is at a loss as to where to turn for the increasing symptoms and issues going on in her body.


She points to the bloated tire around her stomach and the flabbiness in her arms and back.


She is tired of looking at herself in the mirror only to turn her gaze away because she does not recognize the woman staring back at her.


How did her body get like this?  How did she lose control of herself so fast?

This is usually the point where I begin talking to my clients about metabolic chaos and what it can do to your overall function, well-being, physique and psyche.


I begin to explain the relationship between their hormonal function and their symptoms.  And I am not just talking about estrogen and progesterone but insulin, cortisol and thyroid as well.


In this client’s particular case – being tired and unable to sleep was a major issue.  Yes, the annoying tire around her stomach was a bother too.  But how can you put in a QUALITY DAY if you are not functioning on all cylinders?  How can you BE AT YOUR BEST?


And again…..this is my belief too.  If she is tired constantly and not getting good sleep – how is she expected to exercise daily? And prepare healthy foods DAILY? And do what needs to be done to reach her goals?  This takes EFFORT which takes ENERGY.


Since this particular client is in her late 40’s I asked her if her progesterone levels were low……and she happened to know that they were low.  Her doctor told her that they were low – signaling early stages of menopause. 


So I suggested that she may want to look into getting some progesterone because it will help sleep and can help with hormone balance which can help put your body in a better fat burning mode. 


Granted…..this is NOT A MAGIC BULLET FOR FAT LOSS….but it DOES help put your body in a better position to work WITH YOU instead of AGAINST YOU.


My client went back to her doctor and again…..asked for a prescription for progesterone. 


Sadly, she was met with resistance AND apparently frustration – FROM THE DOCTOR.


But he obliged and gave her a prescription. 


[Now mind you – this is not the only way to get progesterone – there are many over the counter brands such as wild yam products like Pro-lief that work quite well or sublingual drops such as Progon-B – but everyone has to be comfortable with how they decide to take any medication, supplements or hormones.]


Three weeks later my client reported about how much BETTER she had been sleeping AND how her mid-section had gone down in size.  But she was ANGRY!!!!



She was angry because she was wondering why her doctor did not tell her about this – why didn’t her doctor tell her that progesterone would help alleviate symptoms?  She has been complaining for a few years of her sleep, fatigue and weight – why wouldn’t he tell her that there was a solution?

Are You Tired of Going to the Doctor and You Still Don't Feel Well?

I wish I had an answer for her other than DOCTORS ARE NOT TRAINED IN UN-DOING METABOLIC CHAOS.


I explained to her that I went for many additional courses and schooling in understanding the metabolism and it’s role in not only health – but the effect it has on a woman’s ability to lose weight.


I have spent MANY HOURS and A LOT OF MONEY obtaining certifications and higher education to gain the knowledge to better help my clients  - and in the process I also helped myself feel better too.


I became trained in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and I am always taking additional coursework in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine to help improve the body’s metabolism so fat loss is more efficient.  In the process, I also educate my clients on ways to alleviate symptoms that are rooted in imbalances in their metabolic hormones.


Doctors are not trained in undoing metabolic chaos.


Doctors ARE TRAINED in dealing with polyps, cervical cancer, abdominal surgeries, diagnosing disease, etc. 


And this also works the other way around.

People like me – trained as a FUNCTIONAL PRACTITIONER  - whether you call it holistic, alternative or whatever – WE ARE NOT TRAINED TO DIAGNOSE DISEASE OR TREAT DISEASE.




This is an important distinction because this should not be a choice of EITHER/OR.


Meaning …… this is not a point where you choose your DOCTOR over a FUNCTIONAL PRACTITIONER…..but rather learn to blend the best of both worlds.


I have also seen the opposite occur where an Alternative Health Practitioner encourages my clients to do everything “naturally”.  Well, when there is TRUE DISEASE present such as a TSH thyroid level of a 12 present – MEDICATION such as ARMOUR THYROID or NATURE THYROID or SYNTHROID IS NECESSARY to help BRIDGE THE BODY BACK TO A NORMAL STATE. 


Meanwhile……on the other end……understanding and utilizing Functional Diagnostic Nutrition can help the body heal better and faster while using supportive protocols which help bring the body back into balance.

Get Educated!!!!!

This is where I educate my clients on:

  • Understanding their own body and how it works
  • Understanding what their labs are REALLY telling them
  • Understanding what a GOOD WORKING RELATIONSHIP with your doctor really entails
  • Understanding your right to manage your own health
  • And how to find that perfect balance between the conventional world of medicine and functional nutrition/medicine.


I believe there is a WONDERFUL balance that can be achieved – but it’s also important to understand the roles of each the DOCTOR and the FUNCTIONAL PRACTITIONER.


But do understand your DOCTOR is not going to be a specialist in fat loss.  It’s just not going to happen. 


So if you are looking for help with fat loss and you are going to your doctor for help…’s just like looking for bread in a hardware store.


It just AIN’T there!!!

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