Tools to Help Losing Weight

There are so many products that "claim" to help losing weight.... tools, kits, books, etc. but they can also help you lose your cash! 

Let’s be real…..people try desperate measures to lose weight and the weight loss industry preys on your emotions and make lots of these products look like the “Holy Grail” because they know you need help losing weight and then “CLICK” -- you buy it. 

Lose money or Lose weight?

Fictional Scenario:

Patty, a new mom is eager to get the baby weight off and get her baby belly back to pre-pregnancy shape.  Her tummy feels gushy and flabby which makes her feel less than attractive.  She hates the lack on tone on her tummy and realizes that she needs help losing weight - about 30 lbs. but if her belly would just firm up she would at least feel better. 

One late night while feeding her baby she comes across the “Flex Belt” which is an electo-stimulating device claiming to build stronger ab muscles – without having to do any crunches.  So she figures “what the heck” and goes online to order and in the click of a button she forks over $199.99 for the product because after all the website shows those very believable “before and after” pics.  And the product has added value of a meal plan and another magazine subscription which is meant to pitch you further products.

So Patty receives her Flex Belt in the mail and tries it on.  She can feel her tummy contracting via the electo-stimulation of the device – and she gets so excited because this might just help losing weight.  Patty wears it 3 times a day for 20 minutes each time.  But lo and behold….four weeks later….nothing changed.  Still flabby and still 30 pounds to lose.

So Patty now figures that she had better get those 30 lbs. off then focus on her abs… she sees an advertisement for Hydroxycut and hears how it will cut her appetite and increase her metabolism and help her burn fat.  That’s exactly what’s wrong….she figures….she needs to cut the cravings and just eat a little bit throughout the day THEN the weight will come off.  So she heads to her local pharmacy and picks up a bottle for $29.95 only to realize that the side effects of the product were worse than the cravings!!! Now she is jittery and heart is racing due to all the stimulants and it didn't help losing weight.  She decides that it just wasn’t worth feeling that way and decides to try HerbaLife instead……

And the story goes on and on and on.

Which Weight Loss Tracker to Use?

I have seen it again and again…..people jumping from one diet to another….one product to another… workout to another…..spending a fortune along the way. 

This is not to say that there are not tools out there that help – because there are valuable resources that give you the key information you need to crack the code to help you lose weight.  The trick is…..what is it that you REALLY need?

What can you get for free out there that is REALLY effective?

And if you are going to spend money on something…..what is truly worth your hard earned cash?

My clients know that it is rare when I suggest a product to them – more often than not I try to dissuade them from buying a supposed “miracle cure” or magic potion. 

Whatever I recommend here is because I have seen its value with my clients and that it truly assisted in their journey.

Keep your cash…..keep your sanity…..and learn to lose weight for real.


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